Wrap Up For Winter

Now there are some floral items that can be worn in winter, plenty of tops and longer tunics worn with dark jeans and thick black tights. You just have to be careful not to attempt to pair every floral item you have with tights as some things simply will not work.

A regular occurrence in winter seems to be the loss of sleeves, or the idea that those skimpy three quarter sleeved tops will keep you warm if you simply add a bulky scarf to it. Well, it won’t keep you anything remotely close to warm. If this is something you just can’t live without; wear it underneath your clothes as a thermal layer!

There are plenty of women that are just too attached to their heels, those kitten heels in winter time simply won’t do. Of course, the melody of clacking heels on the pavement is wonderful in summer but winter, the splashing puddles and the chances of slipping over will do you no favours.

If you need a little height then I’d suggest wearing a wedge boot heel. These have plenty of grip, will cover all of your feet, they will be ridiculously comfortable and still give you that height you need. A black pair of these will go with literally anything you choose to wear, whether trousers or skirts, formal, casual or work wear these are a must-have investment.

As well as the wedged heel boot, a flat pair would also suffice. Perhaps a delicate pixie boot with a soft fur trim around the top or even the classic pair of UGG boots? Now, the UGG boots are of course great however, they probably aren’t the best weather, there’s possibly nothing worse than damp feet.

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