Winter Clothing Without the Bulk

  • Wear a thermal john underneath clothing that will allow you wear a few layers for attaining a slimmer look. Pick out the thinnest brand that you can find. These often made of synthetic fibers, designed for especially frosty temperatures. You might find ultra-fine thermal underwear in many online stores.
  • Try to focus on bright color combinations to catch attention away from your body. Investing in a shawl, stole or scarf to wrap around your neck or shoulders and wearing a brightly colored hat or a beanie are definitely some great ideas to look stylish. Additionally, they will also keep your neck and head warm. Men can go for solid or dark color hats to look stylishly.
  • If you want to wear a short ruffle dress then you can choose leggings to stay warm. Leggings or tights can be worn under your shorts or miniskirts.
  • It is highly recommended for both men and women to opt for a knitted scarf that is long enough to let you tie in various styles or wrap it around your neck several times. Try not to choose the short length scarf, as it will look too awkward. You can select a bright and bold colored scarf to complement it with so many winter outfits.
  • It is good to choose warm, thin and lightweight fabrics for your winter clothing. Don’t choose linen or cotton; instead go for wool, cashmere, or especially thermal synthetic fibers. If you opt for cotton or linen, you would probably need to wear more layers to achieve maximum warmth. However, if you wear wool, then you will only need to wear one layer. Plus, it provides you maximum coziness.
  • Choose a stylish winter coat, jacket, cardigan, and vest to stay warm. Overly, bulky heavyweight winter outerwear will make you look bigger and heavier, whereas lightweight winter outerwear will give you a slimming effect.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to buy warmest gloves that fit snugly while preventing heat loss. As most body heat is lost from extremities.