Wearing Birds Feathers

Using birds feathers as a form of decoration is something which dates back many centuries. The reasons for this are obvious – feathers have been designed by nature to be attractive, and are far more easily sourced than alternatives such as gold and silver. The very fact that they are such an ancient idea is one of the things which makes them so relevant today. By wearing jewellery fashioned from something like birds white feathers, you are making a gesture which is at once classic and grounded, whilst still being cutting edge and slightly outrageous.

Another one of the appealing aspects of using feathers is the fantastic versatility which they represent. For some people, the obvious choice is to wear feathers in their hair as a form of alternative hair extension. The fact that even natural feathers can now be dyed to any shade or colour means that you are bound to be able to find some which match the look you are aiming for, and whether you go for large feathers cascading down your back, or shorter feathers used to accentuate certain features of a hairstyle, you’re bound to create a look which will turn heads and set tongues wagging.

If you don’t feel that would suit your hairstyle, then why not opt to wear them as decorative items of jewellery? Again, the major plus point of feathers used in this way is the sheer range of different looks which they can capture or express. You may, for example, opt to wear long black feathers as striking earrings which will be dramatic, unusual and undeniably stylish. The very structure of feathers, the fact that they are constructed from countless ultra-fine individual filaments, means that they are the perfect material for decoration of this kind. As you move, so will they, dancing in the air and catching the light as they shift, offering both a tactile and a visual experience.

Depending on the occasion, and the rest of your outfit, you may opt instead to go for white feathers around which to base your look. Decorating a dress with feather of this kind offers a classy and stylish alternative to sequins, whilst being every bit as eye-catching. Using feathers means that you create an item of clothing which moves and undulates as you do, shifting in the air and accentuating your every gesture. Think back to the feather boas of yesteryear, or the decorated dresses worn by the likes of Ginger Rogers in classic Hollywood films, and you’ll be conjuring up visions of style grace and class which bring the fashion ethos of a bygone era into the modern day. Modern manufacturing techniques mean that you can have man made or all natural feathers, something which opens the door to a limitless selection of colours and sizes.

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