Wear Fingerless Gloves

Pumpkin Carvings

Traditionally, these special gloves were designed for use at occasions in which dexterity and warmth is required. Though there are numerous events that may require these two considerations, pumpkin carving parties may be most abundant. Fingerless gloves allow pumpkin carvers to have a great deal of flexibility while carving and decorating their pumpkin-while still providing protection against the chill of winter. For optimal results, look for gloves that can be easily cleaned following a pumpkin carving party. In all likelihood, the items will become soiled, and will require extensive laundering- again gloves that can be easily thrown in the washing machine will help save on dry cleaning costs.

Winter Carnivals

Finally, individuals who wish to use their hand warmers primarily as a fashion accessory-and not as a cold weather tool-can achieve great results by wearing the products to a winter carnival. In many cases, winter carnivals are a place to “see and be seen,” making these special hand warmers the perfect item to wear. Look for gloves that match or compliment other winter wear for a look that is on point. Individuals who wear fingerless gloves to a winter carnival or other special occasions will likely be seen as a fashion plate in their community!