Wear Bootcut Jeans

Boot-cut jeans suit most women’s body shapes as the width at the bottom of the jeans balances out the top half of the body giving an overall feminine silhouette.

Darker jeans are much more flattering than lighter denim as these help slim the leg. Lighter denim draws more attention to the bottom half of the body. A dark denim works almost in the same way as black (it’s slimming).

Boot-cut jeans look much better with a heel than with flats. Even Victoria Beckham favours this style of jean for her casual look. We see lots of women wearing this style of jean with flat shoes which doesn’t look as good as it does with a heel.

Why is this?

The flare at the bottom of the jeans needs to be lifted off the floor to make the leg look elongated. If a flat shoe is worn the leg looks shorter giving the impression that the person is shorter and not as streamlined.

When wearing boot-cut jeans with flat shoes more attention is drawn to the thighs and hips. When a woman wears any kind of heel the leg gets elongated making her look taller and slimmer.

To create a stylish look that makes the most of your shape always wear your boot-cut jeans with a heel.

Skinny jeans tend to work better with flats as they show more of the leg shape all the way down.