Wardrobe Remix

Your wardrobe is generally stuffed with beautiful stuff that you’ve been collecting over the years. One close inspection at it and you would find use for most of the things. Your old pair of jeans can be cut short to make hot pants, adorned with your creativity. Style it up with embroidery, lace, ribbons and voila! You have for yourself an extremely trendy outfit that can be easily teamed with a tube top and sported to a beach, or even a lounge. Same goes for your traditional outfits. You would have probably stocked up a collection of silk sarees, some belonging to your grandmother and to your mother also having been added to the collection inadvertently, and you would have wondered what to do with them and if ever you would be able to wear them. Why, of course! The trick to using such stuff is adding a little bit cosmetic change and creativity to it. For instance, an old silk sari can be made into a churidaar suit. Not only will this help use the old saree, but also up your style quotient.

Many a times our wardrobe contains items that can always be reinvented and given a new look. Use your ethnic jewelry to create beautiful brooches that can lend grace and charm to your outfit. What’s more, you can use these pairs of ethnic jewelry and time them down to make them modish and wear them with western clothes. The traditional jewelry pieces are generally heavy and look gorgeous when used to grace the neckline of a churidaar suit of ethnic kurta. Old dupattas can be made into beautiful scarves and worn with jeans or skirts. They not just look beautiful, but also add a little glamour to your outfit.

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