Unique Tungsten Rings

Heritage Rings: Heritage ring consist of typically Irish and Greek rings. Tungsten rings companies manufacture many heritage rings in a large array of styles including symbolic designs, knot work ring and rings with unique phrases on them. Many tungsten ring manufacturers can even laser engrave personalization for a small fee.

Wide Width Rings: Wide width ring are popular to wear as a fashion ring or wedding band. Wide width tungsten rings consist of any width beyond a 9mm width. Many tungsten wedding band companies can manufacture to a 12mm width, some manufacturers design rings even wider, at times to a 16mm width. Anything wider can become too large and heavy and could crack under severe force.

Black Tungsten Rings: Colored tungsten rings consist of a black and gold plating coating a tungsten ring. Tungsten retailers suggest that colored tungsten be used as fashion purposes only due to the fragility of the outer coating. Black and gold plated rings can fade and slightly scratch over time, happening even quicker with those that work with their hands.

Carved Tungsten Carbide: Carved tungsten carbide rings is a fairly new technology, only being found at a few retailers. Carved tungsten is unique and the intricate designs are carefully carved into the metal. Many Celtic rings are found in a carved design, where the detail is more prominent. Carved tungsten tends to be sold at a slightly higher price point due to the detail that goes into manufacturing one ring.

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