Square-Toe Shoes

The most common complaint that people seem to have about square-toe shoes is that they look bad. Although this could arguably be a legitimate reason for it, everyone has different tastes. It is not fair to judge someone by their tastes.

Another thing that snooty fashionistas associate square-toe shoes with is a mediocre life. While browsing through online forums and opinion blogs, one can find a plethora of rude comments ranging from, “if you think they look good, you must also think a purple and pink vest covered in dog feces looks good as well” to “if you wear them, you either work in retail, are poor, or are from Jersey.” Most of these arguments are baseless and simply opinions.

If one can not wear square-toe shoes because they are frowned upon, then what can one wear? There are many options ranging from wingtips, cap-toe, to boot dress shoes. Wingtips tend to be the more classic and trendy choice of the three. Wingtips can be plain however, they usually have some type of decorative stitching along the tips. Since many companies now make wingtips with materials other than brown or black leather, many wingtip style of shoes can either be dressed up or or dressed down. Cap-toe shoes are usually more plain with nothing on them but the toe cap. They are generally a little more dressy and tend to be reserved for tuxedo occasions. Dress boots are considered to be a little more dressy and tend to be worn with a suit.

Despite all the animosity towards square-toe shoes many people still wear them. Although there is no specific reason as to why, the idea of distastefulness, poverty, and jerks will always linger around the shoe conversation when the word square is mentioned. A more probable reason for why people do not like them could be that fashion has simply changed. Just like men are wearing tighter-fitting and more tapered clothing now more than ever, people may also be leaning towards shoes that show the feet’s natural shape.