Reviewing Perfume Shops

Associated Content is an example of this type of portal. They pay writers $3 to $25 for Internet articles on various topics. And the topics that tend to get accepted more are in the area of reviews, whether they are on products or actual locations.

So, how would someone go about writing a review about a perfume shop? Well, first there’s the obvious… they need to visit all of the perfume outlets in their area. If they live in a major city, they may have dozens if not hundreds of fragrance outlets to choose from. This does not even include perfume outlets located in neighboring states.

Anyway, as they are visiting the perfume outlet, they need to take note of several things. For example, what type of ambiance does the perfume outlet give off? Does a person feel like they are shopping at someplace special?

How about the outlet’s customer service? Are you expected to shop for fragrances by yourself, or is there someone on hand to help you? If so, how do they approach you? If you say you do not need any help, do they still bother you? These are common concerns people have when perusing perfume shops.

Finally, if you can afford to do it, you need to make a purchase at the perfume shop. Make note of any spectacular discount the store is offering, as well as their return policy.