Remove Perfume From Fabrics And Clothing

Though they may not be effective for the more stubborn fragrances, it is good to start off with a set of simple solutions. A good number of perfumes break down easily when exposed to oxygen, light and moderate heat. Begin by tumble drying the piece of cloth in low heat. For greater effectiveness, consider tumbling the scented clothing with a fragrance-free dryer sheet.

For effective removal of more stubborn scents, look for a strong fabric freshener. This is especially a good solution for people who have a sensitivity to certain perfumes. For the best effect, hang the affected cloth and spray all around especially in the underarms and folds where fragrances are more likely to get trapped. If necessary, turn the piece of clothing inside out and spray on as well. Tumble dry the clothing for a few minutes for proper effect.

For the best results when dealing with a set of clothing affected by an undesirable scent, separate color fasts and whites. Take care to use a fragrance-free detergent in cleaning the items affected. If the previous methods have not worked, add a cup of vinegar in the laundry. Ensure you use plenty of clean water to when rinsing to get rid of the vinegar. For fragile clothing, use a gentle cycle for proper fabric care.

There are some unconventional scent removal products to help with your home made solutions such as those used by hunters. They are simple to use as they work like normal detergents. Hunters soak their clothes in the solutions before rinsing them off to ensure they are not easily smelled out by their quarry when hunting. You can buy a variety of the products from a sports supplies store near you.