Rave Culture and Style

During the party many ravers participate in light oriented dances also known as glow sticking, glow stringing, gloving, and light shows. Other types of dances include micro lights, led lights, and blinking strobe lights. Many ravers enjoy purchasing the new finger lights that have a red, blue, green, and yellow light on each finger which creates a mini party on your fingertips. However, still to this day glow sticks and led’s are used for dance effects, because most ravers participate in open air raves also known as techno parades which are held in the dark. These parties are held in the dark because everyone wants to show off their led gloves, dancing, and glow sticks.

The rave scene has transformed significantly since the underground emergence of British warehouses. However one thing is certain; that it carries the similar message of youth subculture resistance against official adult parental and societal authority. North American ravers have since been compared to the hippies in the sixties era and the distinguishable new wave of the eighties. This is because of the common interest in non-violence and free love of self pleasuring and music. It symbolizes losing of body and mind expectations in the throng of equally minded people against whatever society expects of a person. This begs the question of whether the rave style is anti-‘the man’.

As such, most teens and youth have been experimenting with different concepts in clothing such as led or low emitting diode on the wear. It has been getting a lot of attention because it is inexpensive and emits more light compared to other materials giving rave parties much more life- hence usage in gloves. To be a part of the rave culture, one has to go along with the latest trend, thus the term ‘rave wear or ‘rave gear’.

Ravers wear clothing or gear that is flexible and mostly underclothes. This is because raves involve a lot of movement while dancing. Therefore, the wear involves lightweight clothing that is body-hugging but loose at the same time. As for RAVE GEAR, clothing that comes in layers allowing one to peel them off as the environment heats up is common.