Rain Ponchos

It is believed that the poncho made its first appearance during a pre-Inca Peruvian culture circa 500 BC. These items were made primarily as protection from cold weather, as time has passed they have grown to be more focused as rain gear that is available on the go. Modern ponchos fold to fit neatly in one’s briefcase or handbag. Ponchos are also excellent travel companions, to be taken with you when frequenting rainy environments. Most ponchos are made of polyester and nylon, or waterproof polyurethane. The waterproof poncho is ideal for attending outdoor events such as concerts or professional sporting games. They make a great accessory for the weekend golfer who does not let the elements slow them down.

Ponchos that are large have been used as spreads on the ground at camping or picnic events. In certain cases they have been used to cover the picnic tables at national parks and recreation areas. One of the main pieces of gear carried by the military is a waterproof poncho, quite functional when hiking through many a mountainous and rough terrain. These pieces of equipment are great for substituting for wind breakers making it easier to carry less equipment because of their versatility. If you’ve ever been to Mexico you will have seen these garments adorning some of the locals. Made of lamb’s wool and other fabrics these multicolored garments drape nicely over the individual to make a lovely fashionable piece of outerwear that can suit multiple needs and fashion choices. These items can be incorporated into one’s fashion ensemble and provide an excellent choice for casual business attire. So you can see that although largely seen as rain gear these items can have a multiplicity of uses in today’s modern fashion environment.