Places to Buy Maxi Dresses Online in Malaysia

  1. ThePopLook – For those vintage maxi dresses
    The first online boutique in Malaysia which has a wide array of maxi dresses for Malaysians will be ThePopLook. Registered under Jam Commerce Sdn Bhd, it has long been one of Malaysia’s leading online shopping websites, not only for maxi dresses but for other clothing as well. Even though they are based at the southern end of Malaysia, they provides free shipping throughout the country and cater to international buyers as well. Most of the maxi dresses that they have are of solid colors but their latest additions are the Penny maxi dresses which expresses sweetness of its wearer. These chiffon maxi dresses with three quarter sleeves are exclusive in-house label of ThePopLook and received well by their regulars.
  2. SallyFashion – For the freedom of choosing
    The next in line will be SallyFashion. With hundreds of buyers browsing their website daily, it is difficult to deny SallyFashion’s popularity. Owned by Elixir Fashion, a Kota Bharu based business, they store thousands of different maxi dress designs that are made from silk, chiffon, and cotton.
  3. RayRayBoutique – Stylish but not expensive
    Another known online boutique which sells a wide variety of maxi dresses will be RayRayBoutique. With their tagline “Stylish but not Expensive”, RayRayBoutique’s aim is to provide exquisite looking dresses that is affordable to the public. They also offer great after sales service and a return policy for goods damaged in transit.
  4. Zalora – The next big thing
    Zalora is perhaps the most popular online shop in Malaysia, mainly due to their huge marketing and advertising budget. Zalora offers fast and free nationwide delivery with a 30 days return policy. Unlike RayRayBoutique and SallyFashion which import their items mainly from Korea, Zalora imports their clothes from both local and international boutiques like Area 27, Sofira and Max and Cleo. Even though Zalora began operations less than a year ago, it has already created massive brand awareness within Malaysia.
  5. OneFesyen – For those who are particular
    OneFesyen provides a fantastic shopping experience for those looking to buy maxi dresses through their online shop by providing full product information such as length measurement, cloth materials and also recommendations. Pictures of their dresses worn by models are displayed in multiple angle views – from the front, rear and also sides to provide a 360 degree view of how the dress would look like on a person. Full physical measurements of the models are also disclosed as a further assurance to buyers.