Guide to Shopping in Phuket

Thailand is known worldwide for its beautiful silks and batik. Shopping for Thai silk may be done in several places in Phuket. You may go to the Central Festival or Jungceylon malls, or you may opt to visit any of the Jim Thompson outlets, named for the American businessman who put up a silk company in Thailand after World War II. The Phuket Central Festival Mall can be found just outside the town of Phuket while the Jungceylon Mall can be found opposite Bangla Road in Patong. The Jim Thompson outlets are found in several resorts, the Canal Village, the Phuket Central Festival, and The Courtyard. For colorful and creative batik shirts, sarongs, or bags, be sure to visit Chai Batik, a shop owned by artist Chai Chansongsang located on Chaofa East Road.

For authentic Thai arts and crafts, the OTOP Market in Patong is the best place to visit. Here you will find a great selection of handicrafts, fabrics, decors, and other merchandise that will make great souvenirs of your trip to Thailand. The OTOP Market is at the back of Holiday Inn Resort on Rat-U-Thit Road.

Shoppers in search of Phuket pearls will not

Beachwear Dress

A beachwear dress is actually a shortened and slightly thin dress that is meant for the beach specifically. The simple truth is that these dresses aren’t made for anything other than the beach. There are thousands of people who have actually wore these dresses and found that they are just so thin to have around this body, but perfect when visiting the beach. This is truly one of the best and main reasons why many people buy a beachwear dress. You should remember that these types of dresses are meant for the beach and not for other types of events.

It is important for you to understand that these dresses are easy to move around in, so if you want to play around often when visiting the beach, then you really need to consider wearing a cool beachwear dress.

You can easily find this type of dress on the Internet. The truth is that not all kinds of dresses will be worth having on. Buying online is a great way to help save you time and money in the long run. Several online stores don’t have good quality clothing, so try not to visit the low

Full Sleeves T-Shirts and Jackets

It’s one of the most interesting ways to spruce up your style in those lazy winter days, a cute structured jacket as opposed to a frumpy hoodie paired with your favorite t-shirt underneath is sure to do two things at one time, gives you comfort as well as keeps you stylish.

For men and women alike the pairing options with jackets and t-shirts are endless. Style tips for men, get in your favorite pair of jeans, bring out your spunky graphic t-shirt and layer it with those rough fitted leather jackets or if you’re feeling a bit different; play up a little bit; wear your favorite jersey jacket with a plain t-shirt and washed denims. What, for those laid back Sundays, your favorite spunky jacket over your pajamas are definite comfort clothes for that much loved ‘off’ day.

Women can also be creative and funk it up and take a break from the ‘uniform’ dressing style of the winters. Pair up your designer graphic or slogan t-shirt with crisp well structured leather jacket over your favorite pair of skinny jeans with boots. Also, wear a statement making ring to add a bit of character in your

Info of Hi Vis Jacket

High-visibility apparel may include caps, jackets, bags, waistcoats, body-warmers, wet-suits or belts. They are usually made from polyester and have criss-cross or patterned bands of reflective tape across them to highlight the body shape and identify the wearer as a human being. Hi vis clothing generally comes in fluorescent orange, green or yellow with black, white or grey reflective bands. In fact some of them have even made it to the fashion ramps of the world as they can be quite attractive if you wish to stand out in a crowd!

Some of the hi vis jacket options available are:

  • Sleeveless vest: These types of hi vis jackets are simple and quick to don, with a simple velcro fastening. Made of polyester, they are suitable for all weather conditions and can be worn over the person’s normal clothing. They may also be the zippered type, with pockets for holding phones, torches, documents or other special equipment.
  • Body-warmers and hoodies: are ideal for cold weather or rainy conditions as they protect your normal garments and also serve as visibility aids. They may be two-color reversible body-warmer jackets or they could be heavier, fleece-lined jackets which can

Legendary Trialmaster Jacket

Since 1948, the Trialmaster jacket has been worn and loved by thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts, racers, and icons. Champion racers like Sammy Miler and Phil Reed have worn the jacket while competing. On his epic motorcycle journey across South America, Ernesto “Che” Guevara also wore one. Even Hollywood icons and stars have been fans of the jacket; most notably motorcycle racer and actor Steve McQueen.

Belstaff decided several years ago to stop making the original Trialmaster design, choosing to slightly redesign and update it instead. The new version of the jacket has all of the same features that made the original so iconic, and is cut somewhat fuller. The jacket is constructed from Belstaff’s triple hand-waxed cotton fabric that is also water-repellent. The jacket can be re-waxed if needed and will only improve with use and over time.

Like the original, the Trialmaster’s shoulders and elbows are re-enforced to give the rider extra protection. To help keep any rain and wind out, the jacket features a throat latch and cuffs with triple snaps. Lining the inside of the jacket is Belstaff’s heritage check fabric, which has lined Belstaff jackets since 1948. Another benefit of the check

Shopping in Glasgow

All Under One Roof

Glasgow’s malls are a shopping Mecca. The Buchanan Galleries at the top of Buchanan Street is regarded as the best mall in the city centre. It’s 80 shops including John Lewis, H&M, Habitat, and Next are a mix of big retailers and smaller boutiques which sell fashion, accessories, clothes and gifts.

The St. Enoch Shopping Centre near Argyle Street is the biggest glass structure in Europe and is the most central of the city’s malls. It is very family friendly with plenty of shops for children such as toy shops, the Disney Store and video game outlets, and houses big retailers such as Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, TK Maxx and Boots. In addition, there is a huge food court. Seating over 850, you can enjoy a selection of MacDonald’s, KFC, DiMaggio’s, and Chinese food, or simply take the weight off your feet and enjoy a coffee.

Princes Square on Buchanan Street is the designer shopper’s paradise. It’s a sophisticated blend of designer and specialist boutiques selling fashion, lifestyle, gifts, and art and crafts, cafe’s offering fresh coffee and home baking, and quality Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Scottish restaurants. It’s beautiful interior

Fashion Statement With T Shirts

The emergence of Jacob Ethan Apparel has added a new dimension to the wearing of T shirts. This unique clothing company espouses the belief that the person’s manner of dressing mirrors that individual’s inner personality and spirituality. In the past, clothes have set apart ways of life, principles and nationalities. This is what motivated the creators of Mormon T shirts to create a particular wardrobe that can be shared to other people and bring value to their lives. In fact, Jacob Ethan Apparel seeks to remind customers of who they are and what they advocate. The manner of dressing is associated with people’s identities. The messages conveyed by these T shirts are encouraging, evocative and inspiring. It deviates from the traditional way of dressing and change the wrong perspective of some people. The ultimate goal is to bring persons closer to Jesus Christ.

Jacob Ethan Apparel gives $2.00 for every online sales of this T shirt to the LDS Missionary Fund. These finances will be used to help missionaries who go around serving missions in the United States and other parts of the world. There is a wide assortment of T shirts that you can choose from.

Clear Lens “Hipster” Glasses

They are usually found worn by college kids and became popular alongside the “I LOVE NERDS” campaign which started as a flip of the common belief that nerds were un-cool. All of sudden it became cool to be smart and look like a dork, and that’s how clear lens (non-prescription) glasses were born. For those that were unfortunate to be born with good eyes this product was designed to give the appearance that you needed glasses without actually having to have poor vision.

Starting as a small trend, this idea was soon picked up by many athletes such as a Lebron James or Russell Westbrook who have been well known for wearing these glasses during post game interviews. They were soon attacked nationally by the fashion police (also known as “haters”) whom like everyone else, finds these accessories to be pointless and downright silly. Despite many critics first reactions to this new look, this trend has now been picked up nationally and is becoming popular for people trying to stand out from a crowd and the more obvious become center of attention.

So, despite the sentimental value of these glasses, we wanted to take a look

Stress Out of Christmas Shopping

Smart shoppers this year are saying no to that and doing most of their shopping in the comfort of their own home on the internet. I have been doing it for years. With a glass of wine in the hand, no queuing, casual browsing at your leisure, I can’t think of a better way to take the stress out of Christmas shopping.

With today’s economic climate, most people have to watch their pennies and doing shopping on line is a great way to save money. Many online stores offer free delivery if you spend so much and because online stores haven’t got the expense of running a shop they can offer much more competitive prices. You will also save money by not having to drive to the closest shopping outlet, which means you save petrol as well as saving the environment. Plus you won’t have to fork out on the extortionate parking tickets some of these car parks charge.

But online shopping is not just about saving money, yes we are living in harder times and everyone is being more frugal, but there is also the stress you’re missing out on. Stress levels tend to rocket

Online Outlet Stores

I have done it all! I have been in line at 3 am on Black Friday, still stuffed to the gills from the previous day’s turkey meal. I have hit “midnight” sales and “today only” specials. I have camped out all night to snag the “hottest Christmas toy this season”. But I have never enjoyed shopping more than I do now. All from the comfort of my computer chair! Big fluffy slippers, a steamy cup of java and my mouse. Surfin’ the online outlet stores for the latest bargains!

It all started last year after Christmas. Instead of gifts some family members had given me money…”so you can get what you want.” And if you personally knew me, you’d know I’d want a bargain! And what better place to find one than the outlet stores. So I bundled up and got ready to head out to the outlets. Whoa! But not so fast! I noticed I had a flat tire. I wasn’t going anywhere! So back in the house I went. Bummed out.

What to do? What to do? Then it hit me. The internet! Surely in the 21st century the internet would have online outlet