Men Prefer Style and Comfort

When you buy casual shirts for men, you should give more preference to comfort rather than style. Casual shirts can be worn for any occasion where no formality is required. They need to be stocked in various designs and style and you cannot repeat the same quite often. The fabrics used in them are for all seasons. You can get them in silk, wool, polyester, rayon or terry cot. Cotton is the best of all.

You should not waste your time these days searching the newspapers these days to find the various deals in T-shirts prices in India. In India men, women, children even the elders prefer to wear T shirts for all occasions. It is a comfortable top wear that will match with any slacks, pants, three-fourths or even skirts.

The climate in India is perfect to wear T-shirts. It has become a trend in India not only to wear tees for casual wear but also as a sports wear, you will find school children wearing them on shorts for physical training exercises, as a school uniform. T- Shirts prices in India are very economical. There are certain brands that may go above the range

Sportswear That Looks Chic

Gone are the days of baggy jogging bottoms, mismatched separates and shapeless sweatshirts. The new sportswear features luxury workout wear that will make going to the gym feeling unattractive and unloved a thing of the past.

And it doesn’t have to be something that you just wear for working out in. The new sportluxe collections are perfectly suitable for a shopping trip or a day out with friends you can dress the look up if needs be but most importantly of all it allows you to have an active lifestyle without sacrificing the style.

Luxury workout clothing will cost a little more than buying a well-known sports brand but what you pay in the cost you will gain in the comfort and style of the garment. The fibres used in the construction of the garments ensure that the pieces keep their shape even after a really extreme workout. The clean cut lines of the design create flattering sportswear which emphasises the shape of the body in the right places giving great fit and maximum comfort. After all when you are at the gym or in a Pilate’s class the last thing you want is to feel

T-Shirts for Girls

Compared to the past trends, tees now come in a striking new range of designs, patterns and styles. Considering their huge demand, prices of such trendy tees are also made affordable, making it easier to enjoy relentless shopping. They are made using synthetic and blended materials that help creating unique drapes and layers for a special look. These materials include blended cotton, nylon, lycra, soft cotton and such pliable fabrics. Nothing can be as casual and fashionable at the same time.

Some of the most popular trends for ladies t-shirts are the ones with slogans or one-liners. These slogans and quotes could be about anything in the world from a cause to social issue to songs to popular movie dialogues. The best part is you can also get your customized slogans printed on the t-shirts that you like. Apart from slogans and print blocks, t embellishments, shoulder pads and decorative chains are really in vogue.

Today’s girls like to wear trendy tees with the images of their favorite celebrities, animals, birds, landscapes, vintage designs, customized designs, flashback designs, etc. are also popular. Some of the most happening trends in girls’ tees are cardigans and designer wears.

Ways to Make an Effort on a Special Occasion

Hair Extensions

For women wanting to do something different with their hair getting extensions is a great idea. This way if you normally sport a short bob you can turn up to the event and really wow everyone with your long luscious locks. This is a great way to really make an impression and to get people to think of you differently and the best part of all is that it’s easily reversible when you want to go back to your normal look.

Red Lipstick

This is another one for women, but if you want to make yourself look extra sophisticated and confident than trying a bold red lipstick with a black or red dress is a classic statement that will turn heads. If you don’t normally wear lipstick and generally stick to more neutral makeup, then this will be an even better way to make yourself standout and make it apparent that you’ve done something different.

Makeup in general is something that can make women look much more glamorous but there is a risk/reward balance to navigate. If you want something that will really make you look like a cover model, then try

Cole Haan Shoes

This high end shoe crafter’s motto is “uniqueness” is the motto. Incredible shoes for carousing the streets that are gorgeous will have you walking and feeling trendy and uninhibited where ever you go. Know your shoes are manufactured in a combination of style as well as substance. Cutting edge and high technology are crafted into every shoe you wear. Made with timeless quality, you can always pick out who is wearing this shoe.

If you want a gorgeous boot for cooler weather styling look to the women’s Patricia Boot. Made from high quality leathers and with a suede back panel this shoe is designed with a wedge 2.75 inch heel manufactured in high quality spongy rubber. The shaft is 17.25 “from the arch and the boot reaches just beyond mid-calf.

If you want more style ideas, Haan manufacturing creates a leather upper sandal with a manmade sole designed to grip the sidewalk as you run through your day. With a minimal heel of only.75 inches and brightly colored in Chickadee yellow, this cute little sandal will be perfect in any casual situation.

Guys, you are not left out in the cold with style. You can

Dubai King of Shopping

Dubai Shopping Festival: The ongoing Dubai Shopping Festival that ends on February 2nd offers great discounts on various international brands and is one of the most popular attractions of the city. More than 70 malls and over 6,000 retail outlets are participating. Apart from citywide sales, one can also enjoy street shopping, delicious local food and amazing fireworks during the festival. As it is organized during this time of the year, the weather is perfect for roaming around in the city.

  • Shopping Malls: Unlike the expensive malls in the West, Dubai malls are pocket-friendly and offer only the best-valued items. The malls are different in the sense that the decoration is surreal. The Wafi Mall that is home to brands of Montblanc, and Mall of the Emirates, are striking and very popular with the locals. The fully air-conditioned malls also offer great respite from the hot and dry summers.
  • Unique Souks: Apart from the sophisticated malls, the city also boasts of souks that are Middle Eastern-style bazaars full of fun and bustling with people. From headscarves to gold, there is something for everybody at the souks and they are an experience that is unique to this

Rave Culture and Style

During the party many ravers participate in light oriented dances also known as glow sticking, glow stringing, gloving, and light shows. Other types of dances include micro lights, led lights, and blinking strobe lights. Many ravers enjoy purchasing the new finger lights that have a red, blue, green, and yellow light on each finger which creates a mini party on your fingertips. However, still to this day glow sticks and led’s are used for dance effects, because most ravers participate in open air raves also known as techno parades which are held in the dark. These parties are held in the dark because everyone wants to show off their led gloves, dancing, and glow sticks.

The rave scene has transformed significantly since the underground emergence of British warehouses. However one thing is certain; that it carries the similar message of youth subculture resistance against official adult parental and societal authority. North American ravers have since been compared to the hippies in the sixties era and the distinguishable new wave of the eighties. This is because of the common interest in non-violence and free love of self pleasuring and music. It symbolizes losing of body and mind expectations

Wear Fingerless Gloves

Pumpkin Carvings

Traditionally, these special gloves were designed for use at occasions in which dexterity and warmth is required. Though there are numerous events that may require these two considerations, pumpkin carving parties may be most abundant. Fingerless gloves allow pumpkin carvers to have a great deal of flexibility while carving and decorating their pumpkin-while still providing protection against the chill of winter. For optimal results, look for gloves that can be easily cleaned following a pumpkin carving party. In all likelihood, the items will become soiled, and will require extensive laundering- again gloves that can be easily thrown in the washing machine will help save on dry cleaning costs.

Winter Carnivals

Finally, individuals who wish to use their hand warmers primarily as a fashion accessory-and not as a cold weather tool-can achieve great results by wearing the products to a winter carnival. In many cases, winter carnivals are a place to “see and be seen,” making these special hand warmers the perfect item to wear. Look for gloves that match or compliment other winter wear for a look that is on point. Individuals who wear fingerless gloves to a winter carnival or other special

Caring For Clothes

Polyester and Nylon

These synthetic polymers do not require a lot of upkeep. All you need to do to keep these garments clean and presentable is toss them in the wash. Nylon tends to wrinkle quickly, so set your dryer to permanent press and hang your clothes immediately after. The fibers in polyester and nylon are incredibly durable so when it comes to over washing, these fabrics are the least of your worries.


This fabric is regarded as being the most breathable, able to absorb and release perspiration. Like nylon, cotton has the potential to wrinkle so ironing frequently is advised. Be sure to remove any stains before ironing, as the heat will set it in place permanently. Perhaps the most notable characteristic of cotton is that it shrinks after the first wash, but you should also know that cotton fades easily as well, so take care to air-dry your darker garments.


Wool is notoriously resilient, which is why it is one of the most preferred fabrics to wear during winter. The fibers can actually absorb moisture without feeling damp and are fairly resistant to dirt and creasing. Of course eventually

Belts and Buckles


Western leather belts are specifically designed to be paired with blue jeans. The rich indigo color of the jeans when they’re new or the faded comfortable blue of an older pair always pairs well with a rich genuine leather belt. Like the cotton and indigo of the jeans, the leather in the belt is a natural product and experiences a beautiful wearing process. A “broken-in” belt will take on the personality of its wearer and truly become part of him or her.

A leather belt may be made simply, just two strips of leather matched together and sewn around the edge. But it’s far more common for a Western belt to be elaborately decorated. Leather can be decorated in several ways. It can be burned with special heat tools (similar to wood burners), covering it with intricately detailed designs such as traditional motifs or even wording. Some prefer the rustic look of carved leather. This is done with a knife, and can also produce detailed designs, but with a charming country flair. Leather isn’t always treated like wood, though. Leather can be punched with holes, shaped into curving or angular shapes, and studded with rivets