Organic Clothing


  • Very few people have allergies to cotton
  • Cotton can keep people cool in the heat and warm in the cold
  • The breathable nature of cotton can keep odor causing bacteria from forming on the skin


  • Silk acts as an anti-aging resource, after spending a night in silk pajamas and/or on silk sheets a person will wake up with less creases on skin
  • Silk can work as an anti-fungal agent
  • Dry skin benefits from silk in that silk helps to moisturize which those wearing organic women’s clothing will appreciate


  • Linen has antibacterial properties and is the material that hospitals use to keep the atmosphere healthy
  • Static electricity may not seem like a big deal but linen does not accumulate it, therefore saving linen wearers from the annoying occasional zap
  • Linen is resistant to dirt and helps keep those wearing it clean, therefore, cutting down on the amount of pollution that hits the skin

Helping the Earth

So many people go on and on about preserving the earth and not over using our precious resources. How many of those people do you think are wearing petroleum based clothing? Cotton, silk, and linen are all biodegradable in addition to making great material for organic women’s clothing. Once someone is done wearing an article of clothing made of organic material, the discarded outfit won’t add much to pollution. Also, clothing made of organic material lasts longer, which means that instead of getting thrown away the clothing gets worn longer creating less waste. Beyond what used organic material preserves, the resources that make cotton, silk, and linen are easily renewable.

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