Office Party Fashion

  1. Be classy, not tacky. First thing’s first: wear for the occasion. Do not underdress nor overdress. It pays to remember that you are attending an office party with your corporate colleagues and not a sorority soiree with college girls in bunny outfits. Select from a decent line of party dresses that are not too revealing and will give you necessary coverage.
  2. Don’t be the mascot. We know it’s the holidays and you want to look and feel festive but you don’t necessarily have to go way overboard just to express it. As much as possible, avoid holiday dresses that are excessively done with too much Christmas frills. You don’t want to look like a disco ball or a Lady Gaga minion.
  3. Be fabric conscious. Getting the right fabric down pat will mean a worry-free night of partying. Get accustomed with fabrics that will accentuate your body’s features and not highlight the flaws. Silk isn’t exactly the most figure-flattering material. Avoid sheer party dresses that expose the wrong areas.
  4. Make the cut. There’s probably going to be a lot of grub and booze at the office party. You’re going to want to eat, but you’re not going to like it when your tummy comes out to say hello. Choose party dresses with waistlines at length with your belly button. And if you’re busty, choose a scoop-neck type of dress that give the illusion of a smaller chest and at the same time shows no cleavage.
  5. Wear comfort on your feet. Remember: good shoes can take you places. In this case it will help you survive good parties for hours on end. High heels will mostly likely be your go-to footwear, but make sure they’re comfortable enough as you will probably spend most of the time standing up talking to people or rocking on the dance floor.
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