New Tips Wear Skinny Jeans

Adventurous tops and jumpers

The easiest and most tempting way to wear skinny jeans is simply with a t-shirt or a graphic t-shirt. And while this look is a classic, it can feel boring after a while. Add a twist to this conventional pairing by looking for a t-shirt with a difference – for instance, a backless t-shirt. This trend is re-emerging and adds a playful twist when worn with jeans. If you don’t feel brave enough for a backless t-shirt, look for models with rip-detail at the back instead for a similar effect without baring all.

Oversize jumpers look great with skinnies too. That’s because their bagginess complements the skin-tight qualities of the jeans, creating a balanced outfit that’s flattering and feminine. Look for long white cable-knit jumpers to wear with blue denim skinny jeans; accessorise with a brown leather belt over the jumper to define your waist and complete the look. Bright patterned sweaters – for example, fair-isle or Christmas-themed jumpers – will look great with classic blue or black skinny jeans, while block coloured knitwear will really set off printed jeans.

Shoes to wear with skinny jeans

Women’s skinny jeans draw eyes down to the ankles, so it’s always important to wear the right shoes with them. In the past, women have favoured ballet flats and sometimes even brogues with their skinnies. However, the trend is moving towards ankle-length boots or higher. This style suits these jeans well – it ensures that ankles are well-defined and don’t get lost in close-fitting fabric.

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