Men Wearing Sweaters Stylishly

For Youth Style

A stylish, lightweight sweater can be incorporated into a fashionable, youthful look. Put a men’s sweater on a t-shirt and wear a scarf to add a more versatile look. Pair fitted jeans in colors that contrast with the hues of your sweater. You can wear sneakers to accentuate the youthful element of this style. Moreover, you can leave the sweater unbuttoned for getting a more casual chic look.

For a Semi-Formal Setting

Opting for a cardigan for a semi-formal setting is a great idea. For semi-formal occasions, if a sports jacket and t-shirt are not sufficient to get a stylish look, then wearing a clean, soft, cable knit sweater, is the preferred choice to go for. Pair a wrinkle free sweater with khaki pants and dress shoes. Wearing a cardigan buttoned to the neck is a popular style for semi-formal occasions. Opt for a V-neck cardigan, constructed from a high quality material such as cashmere, synthetic fibers for added formality and warmth.

For Weekend Nights

In order to dress up for a weekend night, or a get-together with friends, try a colorful sweater underneath a sports jacket for a night out at your favorite bar or night club. A lightweight sweater can add a classic touch to your evening loungewear. You can pair your striped cardigan or cable knit cardigan with loafers, trousers and a long trench coat to enhance a classy, preppy look.

For Holiday Season

A cardigan is an ideal clothing item to wear on holiday season such as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and more. The soft lightweight material provides needed warmth when layered under a coat or a jacket. You can also invest in a cardigan in festive colors such as navy blue, yellow, brown, featuring holiday themed patterns. Furthermore, wear dress corduroy pants and knitted fleece scarf to make the perfect winter outfit.