Leggings Make Look Slimmer

Since designers such as Henry Holland and Mark Fast have tried their hand at hosiery, the hosiery world has received a lot more attention and is no longer seen as boring or dreary.

In particular, many retailers have developed their styles of leggings. Being quite a continuity product and with many suppliers of leggings, they are fairly easy to change the printed design of the legging seasonally in order to adapt to trends. This means that shops can always stock leggings but simply change the prints of them. For example a few months ago many of the high street retailers will have had animal print leg wear, and now the dogtooth print has come into fashion and we are seeing them sold all across the high street.

However, many people do not wear leg wear solely for fashion purposes. Many believe that the garment can help the body to appear slimmer than it actually this. This is a theory that is strongly believed by some but disputed by others. Whilst many people believe that black is a slimming colour anyway, it is debatable whether printed or patterned leggings have the same slimming effect.

A variety of styles have now been developed on the market that aim to help suck the wearer in and cover up any unwanted lumps and bumps. These spanx like leggings of course will help the wearer to look slimmer, but it is questionable whether these are designed to only be an undergarment unlike regular leggings that can almost be worn as trousers.

Whilst leg wear maintains a clingy material, it could be suggested that the leggings simply make the wearer feel slimmer rather than actually creating the desired look.

However, alike a pair of jeans- leggings can have a lifting and toning element to them. The tight structure can help to lift areas that may be less toned than others.

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