Hip Hop Clothing Styles

  • Accessories
    The rap artists usually love stay loaded with flashy jewelry and funky accessories. This includes a huge variety of things like bracelets, pendants, sunglasses and hats; this is all done to make a statement that the person he is or somehow wants to be affiliated with the popular culture with his clothing style.
  • Oversized Clothes
    It is one of the most common things in the rappers community to wear oversized clothes. They wear multiple layers of clothing and the uppers they wear are so huge that they usually cover up to half of their jeans.
  • Bright Color
    Hip Hop artists have a unique sort of a taste for bright and flashy colors. It is probably because most of the rappers and pop artists are from tropical countries like Africa or the Latin part of America and in that climate people usually prefer wearing brighter colors.
  • Tight skirts
    Women who belong to the popular culture usually wear tight skirts and short dresses. Men who are a part of this culture prefer full figure women and even in their music they often talk about and praise a woman’s assets. Such small clothes and tight skirts are made available in the market to help these women find the sort of dresses they like and look trendy whenever they want.