Hatley Raincoats

The Hatley family business started when the mother started drawing beautiful painting inspired by their farm life. The paintings sold out and become a hit. Her husband then started a line of aprons with his wife’s designs painted on them and people adored them. With time and effort, the business expanded to include different types of products, all with fun colorful designs mostly inspired by nature. Hatley’s raincoat designs are vibrant and humorous. They include patterns of creepy bugs, flapping butterflies, farm trucks, sliced fruits, dinosaurs and anything your kid will love. The background colors are also well suited to the pattern so the overall look is something that’ll draw smiles on faces.

The Haley Company is a nature activist. It focuses on using environment-friendly material in its production and marketing processes. It uses non-chlorinated bleaches, for example, and it prints its catalogues on paper that comes from FSC managed forests. To reassure its environmental mission, Hatley’s raincoats are made of natural fibers. Thus, when you buy a Hatley raincoat, you’ll actually be doing nature a favor.

One of Hatley’s main principles is portrayed in producing the best quality possible. The raincoats are waterproof, soft and washable. They will provide your child with comfort and warmth. Moreover, they are made to last. Passing the raincoat from a sibling to the other and so on is possible with Hatley. The raincoats won’t leak or stretch up with time for they are made to last in your closet and not end up in the trash bin.

Hatley raincoats are affordable with prices around 50$. If you are lucky enough, you’ll find some pieces on a very tempting sale especially this time of the year. The cost may drop to around 30$. Harley raincoats and other matching accessories can be great Christmas gifts for the children in your life. Not only will the parent appreciate you for getting a usable gift, but the child’s face will stretch with smiles as he sees the beautiful coat design and funky color.