Fashion Statement With T Shirts

The emergence of Jacob Ethan Apparel has added a new dimension to the wearing of T shirts. This unique clothing company espouses the belief that the person’s manner of dressing mirrors that individual’s inner personality and spirituality. In the past, clothes have set apart ways of life, principles and nationalities. This is what motivated the creators of Mormon T shirts to create a particular wardrobe that can be shared to other people and bring value to their lives. In fact, Jacob Ethan Apparel seeks to remind customers of who they are and what they advocate. The manner of dressing is associated with people’s identities. The messages conveyed by these T shirts are encouraging, evocative and inspiring. It deviates from the traditional way of dressing and change the wrong perspective of some people. The ultimate goal is to bring persons closer to Jesus Christ.

Jacob Ethan Apparel gives $2.00 for every online sales of this T shirt to the LDS Missionary Fund. These finances will be used to help missionaries who go around serving missions in the United States and other parts of the world. There is a wide assortment of T shirts that you can choose from. Each one has special individual designs so you will certainly like the innovative patterns.

For boys, there is a “Choose the Right Guy” graphic print with the angel Moroni printed on 100%, high-quality black-colored shirt. This is an ideal gift for baptisms, departing and arriving missionaries or personal progress presents. Another choice is the “Arise and Shine” print on khaki shirts. The “Tree of Life” print comes in chocolate colors and highlights the tree which is described in the Tree of Life vision in the Book of Mormons. For girls, there are also varieties such as the “Arise and Shine”, “Tree of Life”, “Be Humble”, and “Choose the Right” shirt. These shirts depict the Mormon swag or appearance.

The apparel company was named after the owner’s eight-year old son, Jacob Ethan who is the eldest of their three children. Jacob Ethan has been described as very creative and imaginary who loves to make drawings. The boy also reads the scriptures and fiction novels, takes pleasure in board games, and possesses a healthy appetite for delicious food. Jacob is a very energetic kid who always remains as a positive example to peers and even older people in the church, at school or in the company of other children.