Designing Custom T-Shirts

Use fonts that are readable

Most of the custom t-shirts that are in demand in the market are mainly for promotional purposes. They are used in promoting events, companies and services. As a result of this, you have to ensure that font size that you use in creating the messages therein are clear and easy to read. This will ensure that your message is being passed on easily. This should not be taken to mean that you should only use plain and ordinary fonts; however, you can also use different styles. The most important thing is to ensure that the fonts that are used are easy to read so that the information is easy to read. It is advisable that you convert the text to outlines before handing over to the printer so that there are no distortions on the original font that you have used.

Include high quality graphics

In case you need to use graphics in the custom t-shirts that you are making, it is very important that you consider the quality. This will ensure that you do not come up with designs that look blurry once the t-shirt has been printed out. It is advisable that you try using vector images over raster so as to make it easier for the separation of color and other smaller details during printing of the t-shirt. It should also be noted that there are certain printers that do not print images that have copyright or license. This means that you have to obtain authorization from the owners of such images in case you want to use them in making custom t-shirts.

Avoid using too many colors

Even though color is a great aspect that enhances the visibility and appeal of customized t-shirts, it should be noted that too much of it is always not wise. One of the reasons for this is because, the more colors you choose to use in the design of the t-shirt, the more expensive it will be during printing. Besides, using too many colors will also make it quite difficult to achieve the promotional aspect of the t-shirts since it may confuse several people. Instead of using so many colors, it is advisable that you use halftones of the colors that you need included in the design. This can be achieved by sliding down the color scale to various percentages. However, less is always important when designing custom t-shirts.