Designer High Heel Leather Boots

Designer high heel boots are a luxury item and as such should be thought of as an investment. They will undoubtedly be the most expensive pair of heels you own.

When wearing high heel boots for the first time several things become immediately apparent. The foot, ankle and calf are totally enclosed in leather providing unparalleled support and give the wearer a feeling of luxury. Many women who favor a lower heel in shoes due to discomfort are pleasantly surprised to find higher heels in boots not only bearable but enjoyable to walk in even for long periods.

Let’s be honest who doesn’t like looking glamorous and attractive, high heel boots are flattering to the figure with the lift from the heel which at 5″ gives the stiletto boot a perfect silhouette. Combine this with the calf enhancing properties a of the boot, the comfort and support given to the ankle and leg, and the instant confidence boost and sheer pleasure you get when wearing them are all part of what makes boots so special to many women. The more you wear your boots the better they feel. The leather will mould to your foot, leg and sole and is breathable.

After your boots have been broken in they will feel so gorgeous that you will find yourself naturally adopting a confident, empowered gait. It is therefore important to spend as much as you can on your boots. Saving money by buying cheap, poorly made boots is a false economy that will damage your feet, be uncomfortable to wear and make you look far from glamorous.

When you have taken the plunge and purchased your dream boots it is important to take proper care of them and that means finding a good cobbler and having a regime of regular cleaning and polishing to keep them at their best

Leather boots age superbly if looked after properly, keep the leather conditioned and seasoned and they will last for years.

In conclusion, save and buy the best quality pair available, take care of them with love and they will become an indispensable part of your wardrobe and make a bold statement of you as a confident, stylish women.