Classic Winter Accessories

Synthetic vs. Natural Fibers

Choices of fibers are a good place to begin. Synthetics do tend to offer a bit more affordability, but there is a serious cost. First of all you are not getting the same insulation and breathability as certain natural fibers offer. Moreover, the quality of the weave and the feel of the scarf suffer when it is just another mass-produced item lacking character and value in your mind. Soon enough such items end up as crumpled items on the bottom of drawers and donate boxes.

Today’s best scarf options show that natural fibers are being woven into many interesting unique weaves that are both practical and eye-catching. Don’t forget that some silk and wool blends offer both the warmth you are looking for and the comfort and style options to take you places you have hardly imagined for your simple scarf. Even such luxurious looks as ruffled silk scarves offer a fair amount of warmth combined with outstanding fashion benefits. In fact, for an elegant eve on the town there are sometimes no better options.

Other fiber options include recycled silk, which might be bundled into a very warm and soft scarf that tends to have the look of a thick wool version yet replaces a scratchy feeling with softness and smoothness.

Color Options: Black and White

This classic look keeps things simple and classy. Dark clothing soaks up whatever sun there is to have and the stark white scarf accents the look perfectly in a no-nonsense way. Or choose a white backdrop for a black scarf and you can get a whole different effect by similar means. Choices of fibers are up to you. Don’t forget that some silk and wool blends offer both the warmth you are looking for and the comfort and style options to take you

Vibrant Colors

An entirely different approach is to introduce the kinds of vibrant colors you wish to keep you suitably festive and chipper throughout the long winter months. Of course a bright red or green holiday scarf can easily find its place when the time is right. But you might also find places for bright blues, purples, oranges, yellows, etc. Just play around with some ideas and keep your mind away from drab conventions. Just have fun with it.

Fair Trade Scarves

On a closing note, I want to encourage you to consider the fair trade wholesale and retail options that continue to enter the clothing market. In a spirit of compassion it is easy to see the value of paying others what we would want to be paid ourselves. Fair trade handmade scarves are currently becoming a larger part of the market for wholesale scarves because they are high quality, artisan-made items with a dazzling array of fashion options. The fair trade practices integral to the production means that the workers are compensated fairly and sustainability is the focus for entire communities. Wearing such scarves simply feels better for a variety of reasons. Your own heart will tell you.