Choosing Handbag for Your Size

Be Picture Perfect

If at all you want to be picture perfect you would need to buy a handbag that is proportionate to your figure. Another important factor to consider when buying a handbag is the clothing that you’re going to wear when you carry it along.

This needs to be kept in mind as fashion is your top priority – isn’t it? Therefore, if at all you want to be photogenic, make sure that you keep all these points in mind. One thing’s for sure – you wouldn’t want to be the topic of the party for the wrong reasons.

Choose depending on the size of your waist

When it comes to wearing the perfect handbag, you need to keep waist size in mind as well. Women with long waists would need to strike a balance by using handbags that reach up to the hip length.

Whereas, women with short waists would need to use handbags that are long and reach below their hip. This would help strike a balance between their upper body figures.

If at all you’re full figured women, you would need to make sure that your handbag is worn below the hips and it should even be below your shoulders.