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A Shopping Utopia

There are those among us who have a NEED to shop whether or not you actually need anything. This need is fueled by an urgent desire to look and browse. If you are one of those you are certainly in luck in Orlando. As you might imagine with traffic of 50 million visitors, there is absolutely no shortage of world class shopping in Orlando.

There are big shops, small shops, shopping strip malls, outlet shopping malls, shopping centers and areas of town devoted to, you guessed it, nothing but shopping. There is truly something for everyone, big and small, young and young at heart.

Anything you might imagine from three outlet malls-Belz Factory Outlet World with 170 plus shops, Lake Buena Vista Factory Store with 30 plus shops, and Orlando Premium Outlets with 110 plus stores and three regular malls-Florida Mall, Altamonte Mall, and The Mall at Millenia the most upscale of them all.

Then there’s “Celebration” an upscale shopping district that is as quant as they come and of course Downtown Disney comprised of three distinct areas and unique shops, restaurants and entertainment. Just north of downtown Winter Park has some of the most unique shops in town on cobblestone streets. Downtown you might want to check out “Antique Row”.

In summary there is something for everyone in the shopping arena of Orlando!!

Don’t believe me? Turn around and walk 10 feet in any direction. You’ll find what you are looking for. If you don’t all it means is you haven’t looked hard enough or long enough. Just remember the professional shopper’s motto “when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.”

Shopping From a Dillards Outlet

One of the greatest advantages of shopping at the outlet is that you will get everything you need under one roof. Although Dillard’s specializes in clothing, you will get all other related merchandize such as shoes, accessories, household items, and toys. Dillard’s outlets are conveniently situated in shopping malls and other convenient places, meaning that you do not have to go out of your way to get to one. The department store rarely run out of merchandize. There are 330 stores across 29 States. This means you can easily find a Dillard’s store near you.

You should consider buying from the outlets because you will be able to get great bargains. These outlets have special weekly discounts on women’s clothes such as tops, swimwear, T-shirts, and career dresses. These discounts range from 30% to 75%. When you shop at a Dillard’s outlet, you get to enjoy the rewards program. All you need for this is Dillard’s credit card. Once you accumulate a pre-determined number of points, you get a shopping pass that allows you to shop the whole day with 10% off on all purchases. You will get an Elite Member status once you spending over $2000 in one year. This will entitle you to exciting rewards such as shipping credit, private shopping events, complimentary gift wraps, and complimentary magazine subscriptions. You will also enjoy end of year clearance sales and sales at other times of the years such as during the holidays.

Shopping at a Dillards department store gives you an unparalleled shopping experience. The department store chain prides itself in giving the best possible service. Employees are instructed to serve customers with the utmost respect and to be as helpful as possible. The fact that most Dillard’s outlets are in shopping malls also makes shopping fun.

Another major advantage of buying from Dillard’s is that you can buy online. This is advantageous in that it offers unparalleled convenience. You can buy whenever you want, wherever you are. The merchandize will be delivered to your doorsteps in a matter of days, depending on your location. Other benefits of this option are the relatively lower prices and the fact that your anonymity will be guaranteed.

Discount Apparel Shopping Online

The most recognizable choice is the online auction, specifically eBay. I think everyone knows that if you want to buy something and buy it cheaper than anywhere else, eBay is the place to go. The strengths of eBay are the breadth of selection and the chance to make a really good deal that you can brag about to your friends and coworkers. The weaknesses of eBay are the scams. There have been quite a few scams perpetrated throughout the history of eBay by buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, eBay is also getting a growing reputation as a place to sell counterfeit goods. There are some safeguards against these practices, though. The most prominent and important is the feedback rating. Next to everybody’s ID is a number that tells you how many transactions that person has had on eBay. Click on that number and you get more detail about what type of interaction that person has with others on eBay. If you want to deal only with vendors who have had thousands of transactions where all of them are positive, you can control that. It doesn’t save you from being scammed but it does increase your chances that you won’t be. Another help is the reviews and guide page. The guides which are written by fellow eBayers can sometimes provide useful info about shopping on eBay, such as how to tell an authentic Coach bag or purse from a fake. The reviews tend to give you detailed feedback about the actual item, as in whether it’s actually a well-made or designed item or not. As always buyer beware, but you are not alone. There are other more specialized auctions that you can use such as Bidz, and but I’ll save those for another article.

Another route you can take is using a shopping search engine. These are search engines the function in the same way that Google’s or Yahoo’s search engine does but they specialize in new merchandise from established vendors, not individuals. The improvement here over using an online auction is that there is a lower chance of buying a counterfeit item given that you are dealing with established companies who are more dependent on their reputations than an individual might be. The two shopping search engines that I recommend the most are Froogle and Shopzilla. These two are highly informative, have great selections, and are easy to use. If I’m buying a Christmas gift, for example, and don’t want to take the chance on an item being counterfeit or in bad condition then I’m going to want to head to Froogle and Shopzilla and do a search ordering my results by lowest price first. Some notable retailers that operate function similar to shopping search are Amazon, Smartbargains and Overstock. These are also worth checking out. If I’m just trying to get some idea of the lowest price that I would have to pay for something, I’ll probably just go to Froogle and Shopzilla. If I’m budget-conscious and absolutely have to have a particular item, then I may check out all of them because every once in a while, each one of the sites will have a substantial discount on a specific brand or item.
The most intriguing option is the clearance or warehouse sale. The obvious route to a clearing sale is to go to a retailer’s website, click on the “clearance” button and browse what they have. This can vary for effectiveness. Sometimes the selection is good, sometimes it’s garbage, but it worth checking out for sites that you visit repeatedly. You should also check the sites that you frequent for coupons. A lot of retailers seem to think that a 10% off discount is something to get excited over (yawn). However, sometimes that the only discount available anywhere and on something like a Chloe Paddington bag or a top of the line Louis Vuitton bag, it can make a substantial difference. Another route to a clearance sale is search for information online for good offline deals. There are various websites online that regularly post when a warehouse sale is going to occur. A warehouse sale typically is when a warehouse closes resulting in merchandise to be liquidated. This can be the source of the once-in-a-lifetime dream discounts for quality brands that make you feel like Christmas has arrived.

Easy Shirt Buying

Men have the choice of going for slim fit, regular fit and plus size shirts, and the style options that come with them will definitely stun you. The rules for buying each category of shirt differ a great deal; for example, if you are searching for fitted shirts then you need to decide whether you are going to tuck it in or leave it as it is. If you want to tuck your shirt in, then naturally you want it to be a bit lengthier but not to the point of jamming it inside your trousers/pants, so they look unnatural. Fitted, tucked-in shirts are going to make you so smart and confident that you will instantly sense the look of admiration and respect on your colleagues’ faces when you walk into your office. Hence, deciding on the shirt length is very important. Slim fit shirts are also called athletic shirts; you can specifically ask for them when you shop. The regular fit is slightly bigger than the slim fit version, and will be perfect for men who want to hide a paunch. Plus size shirts are loose and perfectly fitting for heavy men.

The next thing to consider is the sleeve length. Long sleeved with rolled sleeves are good, provided you carry it off well. If you keep tinkering with the sleeves, it shows you are uncomfortable, and the effect will be lost. Long sleeved shirts with buttoned cuffs make you professional looking when compared to half-sleeved formal shirts.

The third point to consider while getting fitted formal or casual shirts is the shoulder width. Align the shoulder seams of your shirt with the end of your shoulders and it will be a right fit. When you purchase online, you have to refer to the measurements given in the site and then compare them with yours. You can use the same as a guide.

Outlet Malls in Tokyo

La Fete Tama Minami Osawa

Styled in to be a little like Provence in South France (little bit of a stretch) this spacious mall is a nice place to spend a day shopping and sampling the restaurants and cafes. There is also a toho movie theater nearby. Has the usual mix of sports, outdoor, fashion, lifestyle goods, pets, furniture etc. The spacious environment and greenery of Minami Osawa make this a relaxing day out.

Grandberrry mall

Grenberry mall is quite large and although it is an outlet mall, it also includes all manner of shops, from pet stores and hairdressers, to lifestyle and fashion shops. This mall is divided into four zones; a family and family life themed zone, a fresh foods zone, an outlet mall zone, and a communication and entertainment zone.

Lala Port

Lala Port has continued to grow through successive additions since its inception in 1981. It is now home to more than 540 stores, including many brand name stores, fashion houses, movie theater etc. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Japan and is located just on the border of Tokyo in Chiba, Funabashi.

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Fashion is the main focus for this outlet mall, although there is a little of something for everyone. There is an imax theater, bowling alley and there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy. In the vicinity there is also a ski field and a couple of Onsens to enjoy (Hoshino Onsen is recommended).

Premium Outlet Mall at Gotenba

This outlet mall is one of the more expansive shopping malls around and has views of Mt Fuji on a clear day. There is every manner of foreign and domestic fashion brand as well as lifestyle stores and some 20 fooderies. There is a large ferris wheel and a play area for the kids. This is a popular mall and can get very crowded on public holidays and at bargain times.

Mitsui Outlet Park Iruma

This large Outlet mall has over 200 shops, 180 of them outlet stores. The main focus is on fashion. There is everything from kids fashion, outdoor and sports fashion, to accesories and fashion magazines. 44 shops opened their first Japan outlet store here, so there is definitely value in taking a look.The food court has 11 shops. There are six restaurants and three cafes to choose from and you can even take your pet. There are also facilities for babies and you can rent a baby cart if you wish.

Outlet Park Makuhari

This outlet mall has over 90 stores, mainly fashion-focused. The mall is a fairly open planned two-storey complex and is easy to get around. There are more than 30 restaurants.

Grocery Shopping

I think that it is safe to say that for most people or most households, groceries are probably the second biggest monthly expense, falling in right behind your mortgage/rent and right in front of your car payment(s) or somewhere close. Therefore, it stands to reason that this is one of the areas that if you concentrate, organize yourself, and do a little planning, that you can have a pretty big impact for your wallet. Make sense?

Before we begin, yes I am a guy and yes, I really do the majority of the grocery shopping for our household. Let’s just say I took it on as a little project and it became a challenge.

So, you probably don’t need to limit yourself to doing ALL of your shopping at one outlet. Personally, I use 4. Trust me, this will not take your grocery shopping from an hour or so a weekday night to a 6-7 hour marathon–I still do not spend much more time doing it on a weekly basis.

Basically, what I do is to use one outlet (I won’t name them) for the majority of my stuff and a second outlet who has items for a cheaper price. Third, I utilize a local farmer’s market as much as possible. There should probably be one close enough by you and they are definitely worth checking out. Major savings!!! You may have to spend a little bit more time picking through some stuff, but it is on the whole quality produce at substantially cheaper prices. And finally, I do use a specialty store to treat myself every once in awhile. You have to do every so often throughout this process of revamping your finances, or you’re liable to give up.

Most grocery stores track your purchases a lot more closely than you might think. The one I use the most started sending me coupons a few years ago for $4 off if I purchase $40 or more. Pretty good deal, right? Several months later, they started sending me the same coupon, but for $6 off when I spend $60 or more. I actually got up to an $8 off coupon when I spend $80 or more. I finally figured out the process. I was probably averaging $25-$30 per week when the first coupon came out. Then, they got me to the next level and so on and so on. The key is to NEVER buy anything just because you have a coupon, unless it’s free.

Next, you want to find a second outlet for items that you buy consistently that has them for less. This will take some time in the beginning but becomes easier with time. Also, pay attention to sales. I usually know each outlet’s sale items by listening to the radio, but if not, they almost always post their weekly sales flyer on their website. Browse through that quickly each week before your shopping day, to catch if you need to go to one store or the other for a special sale on the items you buy.

Another thing-for items that are non-perishable or can fit in you freezer-when you see that they are on sale—stock up! Canned goods, fresh chicken, etc. That way, you NEVER have to pay full price for these items. Another golden rule of shopping-NEVER pay full price when you don’t have to.

Men Need an Outlet

I knew better than to embarrass my daughter by sitting down in the chair in our hometown but when we were out of town I just lost all concern for cool points. This brings me to a major point of concern. Summer is here and now it appears that on every vacation to the mountains or the beach part of the trip requires a trip at the newest American monument…THE OUTLET MALL!

We men need some help here. I recently tried riding my bike from the hotel to the outlet mall which killed about an hour of shopping time. My daughter just got some Heelies, those tennis shoes with heels in the back. I think that would at least allow me to keep up a little better. My friend, Tim, had the mother of all outlet mall techniques. He said he and his friend tailgated while their wives shopped! Tailgating! Brilliant!

I only have one word for you outlet mall moguls who want to encourage the family to come donate our money to you. Television. Big screen, drive-in movie sized, high definition televisions tuned to ESPN placed on the roof of your eatery. You could have waitresses Heelie out to the parking lot with chicken wings and burgers.

The increase to your business could triple not just by the volume of guys happily taking their wives shopping but also through phone conversations like this, “Bob, I guess I’m ready to go. Can you pick me up at the other end of the mall?”

“Well, don’t you want to shop some more? It’s the middle of the third quarter and my new friend, Spud, here just ordered us up 25 more wings.”

She of course would respond with the great American shopping cry of, “Charge!”

Shopping For Jewelry Online Safely

Conduct proper research relating to the jewellery item you might be prepared to buy. You may find out about many different gemstones, metals along with important jewellery details which assists you make an educated decision.

It is essential to order jewellery from reputable outlets. Ask for product recommendations from close friends, co-workers and family members. You may as well look at widely used forums and review internet sites to obtain views of individuals who may have shopped from a certain shop. The establishment you finally choose should offer safe and secure shopping according to the assigned criteria.

Read properly regarding the purchasing guidelines of the store. An established shop will make a guarantee of their sold merchandise. It will also have a suitable return/replacement policy, shipping and delivery method, anticipated shipping and delivery time explained on their site. A reputable retail outlet should have customer support and also service for the convenience of its clients.

Buy from a store which has very clear images and video clips of the items shown on their web site. A quality establishment will also present detailed details about the different dimensions of its merchandise.

Choose an outlet which has a good quality collection of the merchandise which it is advertising. You ought to have a look around a variety of websites to check out the quality of goods they are selling. Reputable retailers have a separate FAQ page for their clients as well as webpages of information declaring different areas of jewelry.

High-quality web based jewellery stores will have plastic rings available to help you get you exact ring size, helping you purchase the best ring for you.

About Shop the Outlets

If you need information on proper sizing, what type or shape your foot is, you can easily find the necessary information on that particular site, away from the outlet section. Also, be sure to understand the return policies. Personally, I make it a rule not to shop on a site that clearly does not show a telephone number. Although I have never actually needed it, it speaks to me of their level of sincerity and professional integrity. One other thing to be aware of when you shop the sales is their return policy. Some may state a thirty day guarantee from the date of order. Be sure to familiarize yourself with their specific policies.

A good running shoe outlet site will show, all the sales, every brand and type of runner. You will have no problem finding the lowest price from your favorite brands like Nike, New Balance and Adidas. You should also have no problem finding the brand you prefer with the style and characteristics that best suite your needs or taste. The savings will usually run from 10 percent to 60 percent off. Do not get discouraged if you did not find what you were looking for. There are a lot high rated running shoe sites to choose from. Happy Shopping!

Urban Clothing Stores Online

Akademiks tops

Akademiks must be the most fashionable urban tops. With these tops, you are able to attain that celebrity status that you have always wanted to. The good thing with shopping from online stores is that you will be able to attain this status cheaply. You do not have to spend all your life’s savings to dress decently. The most common Akademiks tops are Outlaw SS woven top, COA SS top and Vanderbuilt LS Woven Multi among others.

COOGI tops

Yet another top brand of tops that you can find online at cheap prices is COOGI tops. The cheap prices make the tops more affordable to a big group of people. If you have always wanted to look trendy and lack of enough cash makes it impossible then you finally have a chance thanks to online urban clothing stores that sell cheaply.

ENYCE tops

ENYCE tops are among the most recent brands of urban wears. The tees come in different colours and graphics. When shopping for urban clothing online, you need to compare the available ENYCE tees. The comparison may focus on the colours, design and even the prices. Although the tops are of the same brand, their prices may vary depending on the colours and designs. However, the price differences are not so huge.

Brooklyn Basement

Brooklyn basement is a jeans brand. The jeans are trendy and affordable at the same time. The jeans’ relatively lower prices ensure that everyone dresses fashionably. When shopping for Brooklyn basement jeans online, you have the option of choosing either grey jeans or dark blue jeans. These two are new arrivals in most online clothing stores.

Arizona Jeans

Arizona jeans are a men-clothing brand by Arizona Jeans Company. Under this brand, you can shop for coastal shorts ranging in different colours, like red, yellow and more. You can wear these shorts to the beach. The shorts allow your legs to get the warmth available at the coast. The shorts in this men-clothing brand go up for sale at extremely low prices. They are affordable to everybody.