Between Digital and Analogue Watches

Despite the presence of hands and numerals, analogue watches show a large variety in both designs and colors. Children’s watches can also be designed to look very appealing in this way, so that children really look forward to wearing their first watch on their arm at a particular time. Like those for adults, these watches have all the important functions, moreover they have been designed to look colorful and appealing. In doing so, manufacturers of children’s watches do of course also address the needs of children. They also produce special girls’ watches, which are embellished with exterior designs in pastel colors or animal motifs or even motifs from movies and advertising. As a result, children are much happier to learn to read the time than in the past. If they have not already learned it in kindergarten, it will be time in the first grade at the latest, and at this point it’s then worth giving them a nice wrist watch.

What distinguishes an analogue watch? Despite its long history, it is a modern watch, which although it has a dial with hands, is equipped with very modern features on the inside. Some watches have an additional display for the date, sometimes including the day of the week. The various phases of the moon can also be displayed which is certainly very interesting for those people who think of the influence of the moon. On a boys’ watches small cars can be attached to the hands to make the time seem that little bit more colorful to the child. Watchstraps and colors are very colorful and diverse, so you can find the right watch completely suited to the taste of the wearer concerned.

Whether or not they are battery powered, analogue or digital, watches are and will remain an important medium of our times. Whether antiquated or ultra-modern, all watches are very exciting and underline the style of the person wearing them. Not to mention that they can be a beautiful gift for Christmas.

Fix Up, Look Sharp

Getting Started

The formal fashion world can be a bit of minefield at times, so before you start throwing around your money it’s important you take the time to think about what kind of image you want to project. If you’re not sure where to start, there’s plenty of inspiration out there to help you find your own style. Look in celebrity magazines, browse the Internet, pick up clothing catalogues and next time you’re walking through the city, keep a watchful eye on what outfits business men are wearing. It’s essential to remember that everyone is different, so be sure to choose something that enhances your qualities; don’t try and force a look that clearly isn’t for you.

Dress to Impress

The shirt is the first thing people are going to see. It can make or break an outfit, so it’s important to get this bit right before getting carried away with what trousers or shoes to buy. Men’s formal shirts come in many different styles; the choice of colour, size and material is all down to personal preference. Choosing what works for you can be as simple or as a complicated as you wish to make it. If you’re the kind of person who pays attention to the finer details then you might want to consider the style of cuff, the ply and weave of the fibre, the stitching, the pocket, the collar, the pleats and the buttons.

You’ll find fashion jargon can be quite overwhelming at times but it’s really not all that complicated. A little Internet research can clear things up for you in no time at all. The key factor amongst everything else is shirt size. All of the finer details are of minor importance if the shirt doesn’t fit you properly. It’ll just be uncomfortable to wear and look ridiculous. If you’re a heavyset gentleman then a dark coloured shirt that’s baggy enough to allow freedom of movement is going to be your best choice. If you’re trim and athletic then brighter slim fit formal shirts that show off the shape of your body are probably going to be more your kind of thing.

Wear Leggings To The Gym

Throughout all of the London, Milan, Paris and New York catwalks, leg wear is often seen as a huge trend. Whether it is a simply pair of chunky socks or a quirky pair of fishnet tights, hosiery can always been seen on the biggest fashion catwalks in the world.

However, whilst hosiery takes a fashion forward glance, it still remains as many as a basic piece of everyday wear.

When it comes to clothing to wear to the gym, there are a variety of different options on the market. With everything from garments fitted with the newest technology to dri-fit clothing that avoids the wearer feeling sweaty. However, it has to be considered whether all these new technology’s actually work and are they really worth the investment? For years people have been going to the gym without these fantastic technologies, therefore they have no essence of being a gym essential at all. Many people, whether going to the gym to lose weight, tone up or simply for pleasure, can often feel uncomfortable in skimpy clothing which may draw attention to themselves. However, leggings provide a perfect in-between. Whilst many leggings are made of fabrics that do have a clingy structure, they provide the perfect amount of coverage for gym wear. They can be teamed with old baggy t-shirts for a perfect gym look that is not going to make you feel uncomfortable. Gym shorts tend to be made of tight lycra fabrics and if worn with baggy clothes can barely appear to be there. Another option for gymwear is that of tracksuit bottoms. However many of these come in thicker fabrics and can lead to you feeling extremely hot in the gym. You may find yourself hotter purely because of the clothing you are wearing and it may affect the time and strength of your workout.

Whilst you can buy basic gym leggings from many of the high street shops, you can also find specialist retailers who provide leg wear designed specifically for the gym occasion.

Swimsuit Coverups

If you’re planning on going somewhere where casual but stylish is welcomed, then what you need is some sleek and sexy swimsuit coverups that will transform that beach/pool ensemble into an outfit that you would be happy to wear to an informal occasion. Of course, just how covered up you are will depend on how informal the occasion is.

If the mood calls for you to cover up in a more “complete” way, then there are a number of fabulous dresses and skirts available in light and breezy fabrics. These will be ideal if you are heading into town, or you just know that your foray to the hotel bar will have you leaving in the slightly cooler hours of the evening.

If, on the other hand, you are simply looking for a way to cover up a little when the sun gets a bit too hot, or you want to walk back to your room without being the center of attention, then you may opt for one of the more moderate cover ups that you can get. These cover ups will often be more of a slightly large and flowing top, rather than the dress or skirt that you get with the full cover up option. The tops can be anything from an open front design to the sort of thing that you might have expected to see in the late 1960’s, and early to mid 1970’s – and of course, when it comes to beach apparel, few of these fashions ever really go out of date.

Another great thing about the cover up is that they come in a variety of colors and patterns, and this means that no matter what sort of swimwear you have on under them, the style of cover that you buy should complement the swimwear as beautifully as they complement your own figure.

Types of Tops for Women

When buying a women’s top you should make sure that you choose the right style and size that can highlight your assets and take people’s attention away from the less attractive areas. Another important factor that you must consider when buying tops is the body figure. If you are skinny then make sure you buy tops that make you look fuller, and if you are on the heavier side, avoid tops that make you look fatter.

We have compiled some of the common types and varieties of women’s tops available in the market. When purchasing the tops, make sure you take into account the body type, features, and other aspects of the personality etc, to determine which one will look best on you. Some of the common types of women’s tops are tunics, camisoles, sweaters, empires, and blouses. The main differences lie in the length of sleeves, necklines, collar types, and cut.

  • Sleeve length of the tops: The length of the sleeves is an important factor that impacts the overall look of the women’s tops. The sleeves of blouses, t-shirts, and sweaters can be full size, short, three-quarter or capped. The long sleeves run till the wrist, while the three quarter style ends between the wrist and elbow. The short sleeves will end at the bicep, while the capped ones will stop at the shoulder. True to its name, a sleeveless top such as the halter top or camisole has no sleeves and they give a stylish look. They can be worn with jeans, skirts or hot pants. Some women may prefer using straps in its place. The tube tops are both strapless and sleeveless, and they are kept intact with the help of firm elastic attached to the top of the garment.
  • Different collar types: The collars add more personality to the tops and they may either lay flat or stand up. The straight collars give a more formal look than the rounded ones that look more casual.
  • Various necklines: If there are no collars in the tops, they will be grouped according to the style of necklines. The most common neckline types are scoop necks, v necks, crew necks and so on. If you wish to create illusion of a longer figure then opt for the scoop necks or v necks.
  • Cut styles: The different designs of cuts give a well defined shape to the tops. The loose fitting and boxy styled tops usually have seams that run straight from the armpit to the hem; while the fitting tops will have a princess cut. The trapeze-shaped cuts are commonly seen in several types of empire tops, and they usually flare out at the bottom side.

Wearing Birds Feathers

Using birds feathers as a form of decoration is something which dates back many centuries. The reasons for this are obvious – feathers have been designed by nature to be attractive, and are far more easily sourced than alternatives such as gold and silver. The very fact that they are such an ancient idea is one of the things which makes them so relevant today. By wearing jewellery fashioned from something like birds white feathers, you are making a gesture which is at once classic and grounded, whilst still being cutting edge and slightly outrageous.

Another one of the appealing aspects of using feathers is the fantastic versatility which they represent. For some people, the obvious choice is to wear feathers in their hair as a form of alternative hair extension. The fact that even natural feathers can now be dyed to any shade or colour means that you are bound to be able to find some which match the look you are aiming for, and whether you go for large feathers cascading down your back, or shorter feathers used to accentuate certain features of a hairstyle, you’re bound to create a look which will turn heads and set tongues wagging.

If you don’t feel that would suit your hairstyle, then why not opt to wear them as decorative items of jewellery? Again, the major plus point of feathers used in this way is the sheer range of different looks which they can capture or express. You may, for example, opt to wear long black feathers as striking earrings which will be dramatic, unusual and undeniably stylish. The very structure of feathers, the fact that they are constructed from countless ultra-fine individual filaments, means that they are the perfect material for decoration of this kind. As you move, so will they, dancing in the air and catching the light as they shift, offering both a tactile and a visual experience.

Depending on the occasion, and the rest of your outfit, you may opt instead to go for white feathers around which to base your look. Decorating a dress with feather of this kind offers a classy and stylish alternative to sequins, whilst being every bit as eye-catching. Using feathers means that you create an item of clothing which moves and undulates as you do, shifting in the air and accentuating your every gesture. Think back to the feather boas of yesteryear, or the decorated dresses worn by the likes of Ginger Rogers in classic Hollywood films, and you’ll be conjuring up visions of style grace and class which bring the fashion ethos of a bygone era into the modern day. Modern manufacturing techniques mean that you can have man made or all natural feathers, something which opens the door to a limitless selection of colours and sizes.

Leather Trousers for Men

Leather is created from animal skins or hides through the process of tanning which removes the hair or fur and alters the composition of the animal skin so that it is less likely to decompose. Leather tanning dates back many thousands of years, when natural tannin products and even dung were originally used to facilitate the process. As the procedures developed other products such as lime, fungicides and chromium agents were employed to cure the leather. The most common animal skins used for leather are lamb and sheepskin, antelope and buckskin.

Although most leather used in fashion garments is turned into jackets, trousers are still popular with women and sometimes men too. In celebrity circles, stars such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Kim Kardashian have all been spotted in leather trousers, but for men the sightings are relatively rare. Brad Pitt has been seen out in pair, as has Hugh Jackman and on the stage George Michael often opts for leather and of course Elvis often wore them too. Even Lionel Richie has let on that he has a big collection of leather trousers, but it’s not surprising that must of them don’t fit him any longer.

Ralph Lauren, Dior and Versace have all produced leather men’s trousers in the past, some of which may be tracked down in vintage clothing stores today, but a more accessible source for new garments may be the motorcycle manufactures such as Ixon, Richa, RST or Furygan.

Another market where leather is employed as a material for men’s trouser is the alternative culture and pop market. Punk, Goth and fetish trends have all adopted leather as the material of choice, with the punk era including all kinds of zips, studs, pins, O rings and chain accessories to enhance the look. Iggy pop was seen wearing a customised pair of silver leather trousers too. Other pop stars in leather include Tom Jones, Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson even Justin Beiber recently too. While performing in Hamburg in the early sixties, The Beatles also went out shopping for leather trousers to complement their stage wear.

So you can see that all kinds of male stars, throughout the generations have opted for trousers made from leather to compliment their acts, but really that’s where the common thread lies, on the stage. Leather trousers have never really found their place in day-to-day wear, a position occupied almost exclusively by denim jeans.

They are perfect in a party or show-business situation, where the wearer needs to make an impression or stand out from the crowd or just wants to exhibit some individuality, but the challenges in wearing leather have probably prevented their popularity extending beyond that. It can be difficult to regulate ones temperature in a tight-fitting barely breathable material, plus comfort is an issue when stretch and give are limited too. It is also difficult and expensive to work in leather so altering a pair of trousers to fit can be challenging. But, should you find a pair that already fit, have not suffered years of wear and tear and still look great on you, then you’d be advised to snap them up as they are highly likely to hold their value, given the rarity of pairs on the second-hand market.

Unique Tungsten Rings

Heritage Rings: Heritage ring consist of typically Irish and Greek rings. Tungsten rings companies manufacture many heritage rings in a large array of styles including symbolic designs, knot work ring and rings with unique phrases on them. Many tungsten ring manufacturers can even laser engrave personalization for a small fee.

Wide Width Rings: Wide width ring are popular to wear as a fashion ring or wedding band. Wide width tungsten rings consist of any width beyond a 9mm width. Many tungsten wedding band companies can manufacture to a 12mm width, some manufacturers design rings even wider, at times to a 16mm width. Anything wider can become too large and heavy and could crack under severe force.

Black Tungsten Rings: Colored tungsten rings consist of a black and gold plating coating a tungsten ring. Tungsten retailers suggest that colored tungsten be used as fashion purposes only due to the fragility of the outer coating. Black and gold plated rings can fade and slightly scratch over time, happening even quicker with those that work with their hands.

Carved Tungsten Carbide: Carved tungsten carbide rings is a fairly new technology, only being found at a few retailers. Carved tungsten is unique and the intricate designs are carefully carved into the metal. Many Celtic rings are found in a carved design, where the detail is more prominent. Carved tungsten tends to be sold at a slightly higher price point due to the detail that goes into manufacturing one ring.

Wardrobe Remix

Your wardrobe is generally stuffed with beautiful stuff that you’ve been collecting over the years. One close inspection at it and you would find use for most of the things. Your old pair of jeans can be cut short to make hot pants, adorned with your creativity. Style it up with embroidery, lace, ribbons and voila! You have for yourself an extremely trendy outfit that can be easily teamed with a tube top and sported to a beach, or even a lounge. Same goes for your traditional outfits. You would have probably stocked up a collection of silk sarees, some belonging to your grandmother and to your mother also having been added to the collection inadvertently, and you would have wondered what to do with them and if ever you would be able to wear them. Why, of course! The trick to using such stuff is adding a little bit cosmetic change and creativity to it. For instance, an old silk sari can be made into a churidaar suit. Not only will this help use the old saree, but also up your style quotient.

Many a times our wardrobe contains items that can always be reinvented and given a new look. Use your ethnic jewelry to create beautiful brooches that can lend grace and charm to your outfit. What’s more, you can use these pairs of ethnic jewelry and time them down to make them modish and wear them with western clothes. The traditional jewelry pieces are generally heavy and look gorgeous when used to grace the neckline of a churidaar suit of ethnic kurta. Old dupattas can be made into beautiful scarves and worn with jeans or skirts. They not just look beautiful, but also add a little glamour to your outfit.

Learn Knitting Faster

  • Embroidery Needles: To draw the patterns on fabric, you need to buy embroidery needles in the first place. The needles used for knitting and embroidery are of different sizes and you must check which size works for which design. If you are new to the world of knitting, it may be difficult to figure out the correct size of needles. In such cases, you can buy needle packages. These packages contain needles of different sizes and you need not worry about picking the wrong size.
  • Embroidery Hoop: Hoop or ring is another important thing you must purchase in order to practice embroidery properly. The embroidery hoop holds the fabric in place and you can continue weaving patterns with ease.
  • Thread: This is but obvious that you need thread to start learning knitting. Just like fabrics, there is extensive variety in threads and you can buy whichever type you find the most attractive. While buying thread you must ensure that it fits well in the hole of the needle.
  • Other Items: Also, you need a pencil, scissors and fabric to get started with knitting.

Once you have bought these items from a knitting store, you need to look out for embroidery designs. Embroidery designs are readily available on the Internet and you can take a print of these designs to be referred every now and then. Also, there are available numerous tutorials on knitting and embroidery that you can watch to learn basics of this art form.

Women who are already aware of knitting basics and want to turn this passion into profession can attend knitting classes. These days, knitting classes are conducted in different parts of the country and you can enroll for these classes to achieve proficiency.