Cashmere Jumpers For Men

This depends on your fashion preference. What sort of jumper are you looking for? If you’re looking for something loud with bold patterns then you may need to search across many ranges. But if you’re after something with a subtle pattern and lots of texture, something smart and something you can wear to work with your shirt and trousers, then this will be much easier.

The quality of cashmere jumpers means that they’re durable and will last you for a long while. The secret with cashmere is that the wool actually becomes better with age, and by the time a cheaper jumper starts pilling and looking misshaped and bedraggled, a cashmere jumper will still have a look of perfection, as if it’s only a day old. How is this possible? That’s cashmere.

But pure cashmere jumpers come at a price. You pay for the quality that you deserve, and when you part with any amount of money you want to know that what you’re buying is the real thing and not a cheap knock-off being sold at the same price. And some knock-offs are hard to spot. However, when it comes to pure cashmere, there are some tell-tale signs that just can’t be hidden.

Pure cashmere is just that, a jumper made from nothing but the best quality cashmere wool. When something isn’t pure cashmere it means there is another material woven in with the cashmere, such as another wool, lamb’s wool, camel hair, synthetics. There’s no disputing that these can make some nice jumpers, and it may feel cosy and warm, but when you’re paying pure cashmere prices, you want pure cashmere. Not all people are experts in cashmere and don’t realise or understand what it is they’re looking for. So here are a few tips to help you when looking for the real thing.

The cashmere material is soft and should mould with your body whereas other materials may be stiffer and struggle with your contours. When you stretch the garment from the sides the shape should automatically spring back. If it doesn’t then that’s a clear indication that it’s not pure. Also the weave should be a close knit and theoretically, depending on the style, you shouldn’t see your hand through the stitching. Another sign are the seams. Parts like cuffs and collars are knitted into the material whereas cheaper brands have them stitched on like a piece of patchwork.