Caring For Clothes

Polyester and Nylon

These synthetic polymers do not require a lot of upkeep. All you need to do to keep these garments clean and presentable is toss them in the wash. Nylon tends to wrinkle quickly, so set your dryer to permanent press and hang your clothes immediately after. The fibers in polyester and nylon are incredibly durable so when it comes to over washing, these fabrics are the least of your worries.


This fabric is regarded as being the most breathable, able to absorb and release perspiration. Like nylon, cotton has the potential to wrinkle so ironing frequently is advised. Be sure to remove any stains before ironing, as the heat will set it in place permanently. Perhaps the most notable characteristic of cotton is that it shrinks after the first wash, but you should also know that cotton fades easily as well, so take care to air-dry your darker garments.


Wool is notoriously resilient, which is why it is one of the most preferred fabrics to wear during winter. The fibers can actually absorb moisture without feeling damp and are fairly resistant to dirt and creasing. Of course eventually even wool needs to be cleaned and most labels advise you to dry clean only. If dry cleaning isn’t an option, washing wool in cold water on a delicate cycle may be okay otherwise let it steam in your bathroom after you’ve taken a shower. Drying wool will result in a shrunken disaster. DO NOT DRY!

Viscose and Rayon

These fabrics may be one in the same, I’m not totally sure, but they are as common a fabric as cotton because they too share that same breathability. Viscose/Rayon are very delicate and require hand washing because of their tendency to tear. They are also very prone to shrinking so know that you will have to iron these before every use.


This natural fiber, having the best back-story of all the fabrics because it produced by insects, is both delicate and durable. If silk is well taken care of it can last for years and years. Just know that most silk garments require nothing less than dry cleaning. They are also very susceptible to stretching as they hold very little elasticity.

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