Basics Hip Scarf

It is often the case and that the modern hip scarves are no longer being reserved for use by just the belly dancers. These simple fabric pieces are starting to be used to complement a wide range of outfits with an extra degree of style and color, whilst also offering the benefit of highlighting the outline of the figure. Even though it is possible to locate these clothing accessories in a lot of internet-based and bricks and mortar retailers, it is quite possible to create a simple hip scarf with the right materials (silk or chiffon), time and guidance.

When the Hip scarves first originated in Egypt, they were a dedicated piece for the belly dancers clothing and were at that time after highly expensive, mostly due to the fact that a great deal of effort was put into the manufacturing process. This often included sewing on crocheted lace, beads, and coins by hand. The hand sewn scarf was a very labor-intensive process and could take several weeks to complete each one. However, in general the hip scarves that feature the coins and beads are most reserved for the belly dancing costume.

Hip scarves are simple to wear, it is typically the case of wrapping the material around the waist with one open end tied in a secure knot, which might be placed on either the left or right hip. However, if a scarf is heavily decorated and includes a significant number of beads and coins, it can be quite difficult to tie a knot. In this case it benefits to secure the material with an attached brooch or decorative pin.

It is often found that the hip scarf can become a highly versatile clothing accessory and can feature in a wide range of colors, sizes and patterns to complement most outfits that are being worn. They can often be worn to complement jeans, trousers, or dresses. Also, they can be styled, depending on what is being worn, to create either a formal or casual look to match a particular occasion.