Baroque Print

Baroque prints are often associated with vintage Versace, and there’s no doubt that their collaboration with H&M had something to do with its revival. The industry has always revered Versace’s impact when it came to the concept of the supermodel, and the images of Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington in Gianni’s prints are now iconic. Versace inspired baroque is incredibly fun to wear. Brightly colored chain print dresses are eye-catching, sexy, and an incredibly simple way to inject some life into an outfit. It carries with it the optimism and partying connotations of the 1980s and early 1990s, when supermodels had curves and enjoyed their cocktails rather than their juice cleanses. It has a nostalgic element that is almost tacky, with its tongue in cheek brashiness, and there is definitely a place for a piece or two in every girl’s wardrobe.

These jewel-toned and neon offerings are not the only way to incorporate the baroque trend into our style, however. Traditionally, baroque prints come from gothic art, and have religious undertones. It takes inspiration from architecture, fine art, even classical music, and as such has a real drama and grandeur about it. The best contemporary example we can look towards for gothic baroque style is Dolce and Gabanna’s Fall 2012 collection. A palette of deepest black and luxurious gold makes for a stunning collection, one that has inspired the high street and online stores alike. It is a paradoxical combination of simplicity and opulence, and there are some truly beautiful dresses available that take their cue from the Milanese fashion house. These dresses manage to put across the wearer’s sexiness as well as being ladylike and feminine; it is truly a powerful trend, and one perfect for this party season. The color palette is one that conjures up ideas of deepest winter, seasonal luxury and this special time of year.