Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bash it up!

If your group comprises of party animals, you would probably know this. If not, then start by getting together a list of all unique venues in the city. Call them to find about the different packages that they offer. Ask them if they can customize this special event, and how would it be different. It is a good idea to dig up some old themes or invent new ones all so that this night is remembered for times to come. When it comes to ideas, you can decide to bring out the rockstar, diva or the artist in you. Another option can be the age-old theme called ABC (Anything But Clothes) so everyone dresses up in the quirkiest costumes ever. Karaoke is big this season so all of you might love to hum her favourite songs all through the night. Topping up music with many shots of alcohol will get together some fun beats and tunes.

Beyond the club

Look no further than the bride to style the perfect bachelorette. If she is averted to the idea of high heels and pouring champagne at a club, then plan something to suit her personality type. Set new trends by choosing from a wine tasting, book-reading sessions, skydiving, belly dancing, group cooking classes to spa parties. Go for makeovers to her favourite salon followed by some glam photo-shoots. This is just the way everyone will get to indulge in what the bride really loves and make for some perfect memories.

Tripping it

No matter what kind of party you choose, the underlying cause for it remains the same. The real reason is that all girls must get to bond with the bride and show off female solidarity. If you are interested in getting out of the city for the weekend, then go for it. Road trips to any nice outdoorsy location, camping out on the beach are some fun plans. Not sure if the bride would want to plan any long distance travel, but if she must then go to a place unexplored. Stay budget-conscious for sure, and if you whiff of something too expensive ditch it!