Different Shoe Materials

  • Leather: a material that offers high durability and comfort, the natural material of leather comes from a range of animals, such as cow, snake, and crocodile. Leather is likely to be the most popular material to be used in the manufacturing of both men’s and women’s footwear. Most of the high-quality footwear is made in leather, although it can be susceptible to wet conditions. Leather is a material that is highly porous. In order to prolong the leather based shoe it often benefits to use a quality all-weather shoe protector cream.
  • Canvas: the canvas based shoes are often seen to feature in the wide range of sneakers. In its original form, canvas was obtained from hemp, whilst the latest variations of this material now include a certain degree of flax and cotton, which offers the benefit of increasing the durability. A canvas shoe is highly versatile in relation to its looks and appearance, as this material is very easy to dye to give a very distinct and appealing look.
  • Nylon: nylon is a men-made material which is very often found in sportswear or running shoes. This is a fabric that is light and airy, which is perfect for use in sports related footwear as it is highly effective at letting the foot breathe. This is a key requirement and a necessity for the sportsperson that is often on the move and highly active.
  • Denim: although denim is mostly associated with a pair of jeans, this highly resilient and cotton type material is a very popular choice in the construction of some very fashionable pairs of shoes. Shoes that is likely to be constructed with denim as a main material includes the sneakers, wedge sandals, and flats.

All in all, the choice in shoe material is wide-ranging; it is often a case of finding the type of material you like, in relation to looks and comfort, and purchasing a pair on shoes to match those requirements.

Designing Custom T-Shirts

Use fonts that are readable

Most of the custom t-shirts that are in demand in the market are mainly for promotional purposes. They are used in promoting events, companies and services. As a result of this, you have to ensure that font size that you use in creating the messages therein are clear and easy to read. This will ensure that your message is being passed on easily. This should not be taken to mean that you should only use plain and ordinary fonts; however, you can also use different styles. The most important thing is to ensure that the fonts that are used are easy to read so that the information is easy to read. It is advisable that you convert the text to outlines before handing over to the printer so that there are no distortions on the original font that you have used.

Include high quality graphics

In case you need to use graphics in the custom t-shirts that you are making, it is very important that you consider the quality. This will ensure that you do not come up with designs that look blurry once the t-shirt has been printed out. It is advisable that you try using vector images over raster so as to make it easier for the separation of color and other smaller details during printing of the t-shirt. It should also be noted that there are certain printers that do not print images that have copyright or license. This means that you have to obtain authorization from the owners of such images in case you want to use them in making custom t-shirts.

Avoid using too many colors

Even though color is a great aspect that enhances the visibility and appeal of customized t-shirts, it should be noted that too much of it is always not wise. One of the reasons for this is because, the more colors you choose to use in the design of the t-shirt, the more expensive it will be during printing. Besides, using too many colors will also make it quite difficult to achieve the promotional aspect of the t-shirts since it may confuse several people. Instead of using so many colors, it is advisable that you use halftones of the colors that you need included in the design. This can be achieved by sliding down the color scale to various percentages. However, less is always important when designing custom t-shirts.

Melbourne Shopping

  • Queen Victoria Market
    Often referred to locally as the Queen Vic Markets, the Queen Victoria Market is one of Melbourne’s major landmarks. This impressive open air market covers an area of 17 acres and is named after former monarch Queen Victoria. This is Melbourne’s only remaining 19th century market, and the advantage of shopping here is that a wide range of different types of goods can be found all within one area.
  • St Kilda
    Situated just seven kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, the St Kilda district is a beautiful bayside area that features a long sandy beach as well as an excellent range of restaurants and other amenities. There are also plenty of shops to be found here, especially along Fitzroy Street, while the nearby Acland Street is known for its abundance of book, independent music and second-hand shops.
  • Block Arcade
    The large and lovely Block Arcade is the perfect place for those who are interested in history and culture to shop. This impressive shopping arcade was built back in 1891 after being designed by architect David C. Askew. The building was based on the commanding Galleria Vittoria in Milan, and the six-story building has been capturing the hearts and minds of shoppers for decades with its beautiful mosaic flooring, glass canopy and carved stone finishings.
  • Bridge Road
    Conveniently located near a number of cheap Melbourne hotels, Bridge Road is a great place to shop for handmade clothing. While lovers of high fashion will find outlets of boutiques stocked with items from big names such as Gorman, Esprit and Country Road, tailors also offer to make suits and other clothing to measure. Lovers of shoes will also be in their element here, as footwear by names such as Alberto Piazza, Batsanis and Aquila are easy to come by.
  • Myer Melbourne
    Christmas is the best time to visit the Nyer Melbourne shopping venue, which was established in 1900 by a Russian immigrant. The Myer Christmas Windows have been drawing large crowds of people to this section of the city since they were first introduced back in 1956, and each year people of all ages wait in wonder to see what scenes will be displayed.
  • Toorak Road
    Surrounded by the lush leafy suburbs of the districts of Armadale, South Yarra and Malvern, Toorak is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and really get down to some serious shopping. Also known as the Toorak Village, this area of the city consists of a unique island that is packed full of quality fashion boutiques as well as book and homeware shops.

Must Have Maternity Clothing

  • First things first, always select the right fabric according to the weather. Silk and flowy clothes look really great but they are a little uncomfortable for a long run. Instead, one can go for chiffon; they are not just flowy but allow skin to breathe.
  • Secondly, flaunt your curves. Feel proud of your maternity and show-off your over-sized belly. Choose apparels which are comfortable and not tight or body-hugging.
  • Thirdly, choose clothes of right size. It is noticed that women choose clothes which are loose and extra baggy for them but it is advisable to choose clothes which fit you well because it is better to look smart than shabby. Choose clothes which give support to your body especially to your back and shoulder which gives you correct posture.
  • Fourthly, simplicity is the key. A Mother-to-be doesn’t have to be a fashionista. Dress simply but elegantly. Comfort is the prime key so, don’t cover yourself with heavy accessories etc. make it simple and sophisticated.
  • Lastly, choose clothes which are stretchable. They are called clothes that grow with you. We all know as the month passes size of the belly increases so, pick a cloth which is stretchable and fits your body perfectly each time you wear it. This way, you can wear them for many more months during your pregnancy period.

There are some maternity pieces that one should own in their pregnancy. They are:

  • Summer Maxi dress – These are flowy and comfortable doesn’t make you look shabby. Instead maxi dresses always flatter your body type.
  • Designer Denims – They grow with you and have a comfortable waistband. These denims are comfortable and give you great support. It ensures that one doesn’t miss their favorite pair of jeans even when they are pregnant.
  • Cross-over tops – These tops are comfortable and provide a drape effect. Easy to wear, these tops definitely flatter your curves and make you look good.
  • Winter coats – Since winters are approaching, long coats could be a really good option to cover you.
  • Comfortable Pajamas – Pajamas and yoga pants are always comfortable to wear and they look good for a casual look.

These are few little points that you can remember and put it on your list. Pregnancy is all about feeling good and being pampered. So even if you are pregnant still don’t forget to make heads turn.

Los Angeles Shopping

There are several areas in LA that composes Los Angeles shopping scene. Here are a few of them:
Abbot Kinney Boulevard. This is where you find the hippest shopping outlets that feature a mix of designers and home-grown artists of modern chic and old school vintage. The shops are lined on the streets where you could breathe in Abbot Kinney vibes. It also features furniture, jewelry, boutique, and top-of-the-line artwork. Here are a few of the top shops in Abbot Kinney Boulevard:

Ananda. This tiny store is where you find the odds and ends of several gift items. They have an eccentric selection of goods from miniature Buddha statues to scented candles, to a line of clothing from Asian and American designers that are reasonably priced.

Altered Space. This consists of a hip gallery of indifferent items ranging from edgy paintings to off-kilter sculpture and features artists such as Richard Patterson, Grace Ann Warn, and Thomas Mann.

Surfing Cowboys. This shop sells a mix of perks and quirks of everything ranging from furniture, surfboards and surfing paraphernalia, paintings, and books and just about anything you could think of. It is inspired by the mile-long beaches in LA.

The Golden Triangle. This center is located in Rodeo Drive and holds a wealth of stores. It lines up designer stores, the likes of Cartier, Tifanny’s, Bally, Gucci, Chanel, and other notables. Throughout the entire triangle, you will see a rich collection of stores as if you are in an episode of the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous. This is the center of Los Angeles shopping for the people who spend their time in front of the camera, the nouveau-rich types of famous celebrities.

Robertson Boulevard. This also posts hip stores that is home of the Maxfield outlets, Mac stores, Georgio Armani, and other high-end shopping outlets.

Melrose Avenue. This is like the tale of two streets that offers LA shoppers the ’80s stretch and the latest hip trends. They have stores such as Red Balls, Von Dutch, and Slow for terrific clothing, Wasteland and Aardvarks for secondhand items, and the lower key stores such as Miu-miu, Costume National, Forinara and Fred Segal’s.

There are more of Los Angeles shopping areas that are noteworthy to mention. Beverly Boulevard, Third Street, Montana Avenue, LA Brea, Westwood Village, The Grove, Americana at Brand, Glendale Galleria, Westfield Topango, Hollywood and Highland Center, and a whole lot more. Los Angeles is bursting with an array of shopping areas. And the question is “where not to shop?”

Choose Lace Bridal Lingerie


During your wedding, while the ceremony and reception is going on, you would need to be as comfortable as possible. Don’t worry about wearing sexy lace bridal lingerie yet since your gown would be covering them up anyway. You would not want to be poked by your bra wires or to be chafed by the lace while you’re talking to guests or taking your vows.


Your silhouette should be smooth so choose a bra that is seamless. If your gown is made of heavy material, you may be able to use a regular bra but for gowns that use very light material, a seamless bra would be best. Also, your bra straps or other lines should not be seen through your gown.


You should also check your gown’s neckline. It would probably be unconventional-meaning, it would not have a simple V-neck or round-neck. So make sure that your bra would not be visible through the neckline. It may be better to buy your lace bridal lingerie after you already have your gown so you can see how the lingerie would be in relation to your gown’s cut and material.


You should also consider purchasing a push up bra to enhance your look. Bra with water pads or gel pads would be able to add cleavage to your bust. Be sure to fit these before purchasing so that you can see if they are comfortable enough.


Also, your bra should match your wedding gown’s color. Since the traditional gown is white, it would be better for you to choose a white or nude bra so that it won’t show through.

Wedding Night

Once the ceremony and reception is over, you can now slip into sexier lace bridal lingerie. You can choose those that have ribbons and other seductive designs and details because now, you don’t have to worry about seamlessness and comfort.

You also don’t have to worry about color anymore. In choosing lace bridal lingerie for after the wedding, you can go for bold and sexy colors and prints. Red is a very sultry and seductive color that you can go for. Leopard or animal prints are also very sexy. You can also choose pastel colors if you want to create a more demure look. White and nude colors are more for the traditional, girl-next-door look.

Marble Mall in Bangkok

Today this gargantuan mall is made up of eight stories and is finished of with marble houses close to 2,500 shopping outlets, 150 food stalls and a cinema complex. Due to it’s sheer size the MBK mall has become a icon in Bangkok and is instantly recognizable. Since the mall is located in the heart of Bangkok’s shopping and entertainment district in Sukhumvit, it is usually a place that is much frequented by tourists. The mall is also popular among locals especially fashion conscious Thai school girls.

The mall has a daily visitor count of over 100,000 with about 30,000 of them being tourists. Bargaining is commonplace here, though it helps if you know some Thai, also be sure to choose the right shop. The mall is known for selling cheap electronic goods and mobile phones however it also has a variety of other goods on offer as well. The eight floors in the mall are loosely divided as follows:

1st – 3rd Floor: Clothes, Cosmetics, Shoes, Jewelries, Leather items, Accessories, Paintings, Photo studios, Hair Salons, etc. 4th Floor: Mobile phones and accessories, Communication equipments, Walkman, CD and MP3 players, Electronics. 5th Floor: International Food Court, Restaurants, Furniture. 6th Floor: Souvenir shops, Food center

7th – 8th Floor: Entertainment complex, containing 8 movie theatres, 28 bowling lanes, Karaoke options, and food and drinks.

The Tokyu department store which is a Japanese department store that sells household appliances is on the North wing of the fourth floor, this floor also has a direct link with the SkyTrain.

Shop in Kuala Lumpur

  • Varied Shopping Experience
    Kuala Lumpur offers everything a shopper can think of, from haute couture to cheap fashionable clothing, electronic goods to jewelry, home furnishings to furniture, and local crafts to diligently made handicrafts. KL areas like Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Petaling, and Jalan Bukit Bintang are known for their fascinating shopping outlets. For purchasing handicrafts, you could visit Central Market on Jalan Benteng. You would find a number of local artists selling their wares there.
  • Suria KLCC
    This glittering mall, located between the Petronas Twin Towers, is among the most visited shopping places in the city. Its easy accessibility makes it a popular shopping destination for both the locals and tourists. You could mix the visit to the Suria KLCC with your trip to the Towers.
  • Mid Valley
    This massive mall has hundreds of shops and outlets, and more are coming up. Almost everything under the sun can be found in the mall. The mall features prominently in most travel itineraries. So if you happen to stay in Kuala Lumpur even for a couple of days, you should never miss this one.
  • Chinatown
    To enjoy bargaining, Chinatown, along Petaling Street, is the usual choice of the shoppers. Here you can roam and haggle for knockoff designer clothing and accessories, sunglasses, T-shirts, souvenirs, and watches. The night markets, locally called ‘pasar malam’ offer international tourists a novel experience. The pasar malams are open-air markets characterized by hawker stalls dealing in a range of local products, foodstuff, clothing, etc.
  • Jalan Bukit Bintang
    Bukit Bintang, a well-known shopping district, offers a lot of merchandise, catering to every taste and budget. Some major shopping outlets in the region are Lot 10, Starhill Plaza, Sungei Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang Plaza, Imbi Plaza, and Kuala Lumpur Plaza.
  • Jalan Conlay
    Jalan Conlay is another place to visit for varied shopping experience. Located near KL Tower, it is visited for its chic boutiques, optical shops, textile retail outlets and perfumeries. Komplex Budaya Kraf is an appreciated handicraft complex where you could purchase local handicrafts, including batik outfit, home decor items, and much more.

Stylish Sandals

High heel sandals are all about sexy fashion. Bright peep-toes promise sultry style, sequined peep toes are perfect for flirting, or attention grabbing sky-high sandals in black are some super sizzling styles that will suit the afterhours. Brands like Catwalk, Inc.5, Carlton London and Tresmode make a woman feel good about herself while adding a touch of comfort to these sandals. The simpler styles in these sandals, however, keep the feet encased in comfort and are designed for women who are in the mood to relax with a loved one or who like to feel comfortable at the work place. But whatever be the frame of mind, women can turn to online shopping for sandals. The variety of high heel sandals and comfy sandals will definitely cheer you up. Buy footwear online to be truly temperamental and to be perfectly stylish.

Even if a woman doesn’t have her mood swings, weddings are bound to bring them out. While in the midst of the stressful wedding hustle-bustle, when the bride-to-be wants everything to be perfect, wedding shoes can make or break her mood and spirits. Festive footwear for women is about matching the right wedding shoes to the dress and the jewellery, such that they are appropriate for the event. Wedding shoes accentuate the ensemble and give the bride the added height to stand up with the groom. Oversized gold buckles, sling-back styles with metallic embellishments, contemporary styles with stylish ornaments, ethnic sandals made of shiny materials and sequined wedges, can be used for different occasions. Designer wedding shoes for women like Veruschka, Swati Modo and Malaga have lived it up at Indian fashion weeks and can liven up festive outfits further. If still not satisfied with the look and feel, jazz up sandals with accessories such as heel condoms. They will dress up your single tone pumps, and infuse them with playfulness. Women can add interesting twist and turns to their D-day ceremonies by sporting fun, classic, romantic, sexy or eye-catching wedding shoes to grab the attention of onlookers. Add glamour. Add chicness. Be stylish!

Funky Wellies

Wellies most appropriately known as Wellington boots came into fashion after the Duke of Wellington ordered his shoe maker to make him a modified version of the hessian boots. It was popularised in the nineteenth century as outdoor boots for the high and mighty of that period. Although they used to be made of leather, they are also now more common in plastic form. Other names by which the boots are known are ‘Billy Boots’, ‘Rain Boots’ and ‘Gummies’. These knee-high boots are either made from rubber or made to be water proof since they are most suited for use in muddy areas and wet ground.

Today the young and old alike, adorn themselves in all manner of designs of neoprene wellies as they attend events. Even the heaviest of rain can not deter them as they match confidently to event grounds. Festival wellies are even more beautifully designed with different colour shades to add colour to all the different festivals that will be held this season. It’s become popular footwear in sports and even songs. It is very common to see South African dancers dress in festival wellies as an accessory to the ‘gumboot’ dance that started during the time of Apartheid.

The number of people who can wear neoprene boots has increased from men, women and even children. Men can wear it to work and some people use it as safety boots. Women too are using it as a fashion statement and it helps that it comes in all kinds of designs. Children too are not left out and wellies for all ages can be found in the market. There’s no need for parents to worry anymore when their kids are playing on wet ground. With wellies, there is no risk of hurt or dirt.