Dress Right for Your Age

  • Classic is Classic – You can rarely go wrong if you go for the classic look, no matter what your age is. That’s why it is considered to be classic. Plain denim or chinos with an Oxford is a can’t miss look that you can go for when you’re not sure on what to wear. Going for the tried and tested looks and combinations can pay off. If you want to be trendier then you would have to accept the higher chance of you looking like a fool.
  • Shed the Logos – In your teens it was okay to dress with clothing that shouted their brand, but if you cling to those as you grow older then that is a sign of poor taste on your part. As you grow older you should lean towards clothes that are just plain. The smaller the logos the better and it would be better if the name can’t be read.
  • Start from Scratch – If you notice that the clothes that you are wearing are not fitting your age, then maybe it’s time to have a complete wardrobe change. Lose everything and then just start out from scratch. You would be amazed by the difference that it would make.
  • Find What Fits – Despite what you see on TV, clothes that don’t fit well do not look good and are not a mark of good taste. Unless you’re a teen pop star or hip -hop artist, then you should stay away from ill -fitting clothes if you want to get respect from your peers.
  • Go Back to Basics – Basic jeans and a nice white shirt. What’s wrong with that? You should go back down to the basics before you start exploring what’s new.
  • Shoes Matter – If you’re a typical guy then you don’t pay that much attention to your shoes since that’s for girls. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Keep Warm In Leather

This type of outerwear is ideal for many different climates and seasons. Light enough to accommodate cool Spring and Summer evenings, leather also provides enough warmth and protection from wind to stand up to the cold of the Autumn and Winter months. It is also highly fashionable and complements well nearly any clothing. From the local sports bar to the most elite fine dining establishments, real leather jackets can be seen virtually anywhere.

One of the hottest styles to hit the scene this year is the real leather Bane coat. This in-demand item was popularized by actor Tom Hardy portraying the character Bane in the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Made with brown sheepskin of the highest quality and lined with shearling, this item boasts both fashion and function. Wearers enjoy a pair of chest pockets, another pocket on each side of the waist, and two interior pockets.

The real leather Bane coat is one of the most uniquely designed real leather jackets available today. However, it is just one of many options that movie fans will love. Different models replicate those worn by favorite characters in other major films, such as Fight Club, Mission Impossible and Tron Legacy. With so many styles on the market, it’s easy for any shopper to find the perfect fit.

Buying a coat doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it is easier than ever before. No longer do buyers need to spend hours running from store to store, trying on different sizes and looking for the best deal. Online shops offer a better selection than most brick-and-mortar retail locations and often have better prices.

Cosy Men Coats

One of the best ways to stay warm is to choose outfits that have a lot of layers. Warm air becomes trapped between layers of clothes, so you’re better off wearing three fairly thin layers than you are smothering yourself in one big jumper. This means that you don’t have to choose the biggest, heaviest coat out there, you just have to think smart about what you’re going to wear underneath it instead.

Leather jackets are great for cold, nasty weather, especially if they are well-lined biker jackets. The tough outer layer means that it will withstand all kinds of rain and hail and will be great at cutting the chill factor out of any wind. However, if your leather jacket only has a very thin lining, you might have to work quite hard to keep the heat in on very cold days so you’ll need a jacket big enough to fit several layers underneath.

An alternative that’s also great for rainy days is a wax jacket. A very UK kind of jacket, these were originally only worn by men who spent their spare time fishing and hunting, but the style soon moved onto the high street. Available in both straight and quilted styles, and typically in a muted green, these are very popular jackets that can offer some great practical warmth when it’s cold outside. It’s also very handy if you tend to carry a lot of gear around with you as they typically have a lot of pockets, so you’ll find a place for your phone, your keys, a pen and anything else you might have on you.

Another excellent and stylish option for staying warm no matter what the weather is the classic pea coat. Based on a style once well loved by sailors in general and members of the navy in particular, pea coats have a very distinctive look characterised by their large lapels and double breasted fronts with large buttons. Tending to be quite thick and cosy and coming to under the hips, they are great for pairing with tight jeans and a pair of boots or study brogues for a winning winter look.

Styles For Men Of All Ages

No matter what time of the year it is, you should be able to lay your hands on a pair of dark wash denim jeans. One of the most flexible items of clothing around, these are ideal for all kinds of social and business occasions, meaning you should never be without a pair. If you’re looking for styles that won’t be out of fashion, choose a straight or gently boot cut. Other shapes will come and go but, due to their flattering properties, these are two that will stick around for good.

All men should also consider adding a brown or beige trench coat to their repertoire. Guaranteed to never go out of style, these epitomise glamour without being over the top and ostentatious. A good quality trench will last you for years and will go well with everything from smart suits to more relaxed combinations of jeans and jumpers. It’s worth investing in a smart pair of leather gloves to go with it. Keep a tight hold of classic leather gloves and you won’t need another pair for years and years to come.

Buy one pair of wing tip brogues, one sturdy pair of work men style boots and one pair of trainers, and you’ll have the perfect shoe no matter what the weather is doing. Offering classic charm and easily adaptable to all types of outfit, these are the best three basics you should have in your shoe collection and each will offer you plenty of wear if you look after them properly. Brown wing tips, black boots and plain trainers are the way to go, if you want footwear that shows you’re no slave to fashion. These colour combinations should keep you covered every day of the week.

One of the best and longest lasting purchases you can make is a quality leather jacket. Tough, durable and perfect whether you’re off to the pub or heading into the office, leather jackets are essentially investments and by choosing one in a classic design, you’re ensuring its longevity as a wardrobe favourite. A men’s leather biker jacket is the perfect choice for those who want a timeless look that’s masculine and flexible. Or you might want to consider a tailored leather jacket if you have a more preppy style.

Wearing Men’s Designer Clothing

It’s more than just a status symbol

Clothes can be empowering. For example, you usually associate a white lab gown with doctors and would instantly trust somebody wearing it. Uniforms also have the same effect. In fact, if you see somebody in a police uniform, you would expect him to behave in a certain manner. Plus, clothes can help you become more confident as well. A New York Times article delved into this phenomenon. The article cited Dr. Adam Galinsky who explained that this is because people often experience “embodied cognition” in that we think with our brains as well as our bodies. In short, we tend to associate our physical experiences with abstract concepts and this affects how we think.

The researchers pointed out that putting on certain types of clothes can help you be more ready to take on a role and can help you enhance your basic abilities. A different study asked 74 students to wear a doctor’s coat or a painter’s coat, and it found that the group wearing the doctor’s coat exhibited heightened attention than other groups.

So the next time you hear that men’s designer clothes make you more confident and empowered, then know that there is scientific proof to this and that it is not just all in the mind.

Satisfy your personal preferences

If you want to be unique, or if you want to be a trendsetter or to be innovative, then designer clothing may be your best bet. Cheap men’s clothing are mass-produced in some factory in India or China, and as such, you are more likely to see the exact same clothes on another man.

Designer men’s clothes are often of better quality

Designer men’s clothes are often made better than your run-of-the-mill men’s clothes. We say often because this is not necessarily the case all the time. If you think about it, a lot more thought goes into designer menswear. Not only are they more durable than ordinary men’s clothing, but they look better on you and they fit better, too. In fashion, you get what you pay for.

Guide To The Pocket Square

Many may consider it to be too excessive or are too shy and therefore do not want to attract further attention to themselves. Whereas, in fact the pocket square can help demonstrate confidence and personal style. Choosing a specific colour that best matches your suit and tie. Showing others that you take appreciation in the way you look. First impressions matter and that is why every little detail can make the difference.

Many will also presume the circumstances will only be within a formal environment, of which they are not likely to experience and when they do the common option is to borrow one. In this scenario, this not only shows lack of preparation and unwillingness to keep up with trends and styles. Whilst increasing the chances of wearing something that simply does not match.

So let’s view the simple events and occasions where a pocket square can be worn. Firstly, any formal event whether this is a business meeting to a social gathering a pocket square should be considered essential. As much as the jacket and trousers.

Even, when dressing down with a t-shirt under the suit a pocket handkerchief still works, whether you are wearing a tie is not really important. Its important to make things match especially the style and colours. This also includes whether you are wearing a jacket with t-shirt and jeans. The pocket square still has a place.

History of Lace Front Wigs

Because of the rampant use of wigs in the entertainment industry, many ordinary people have already followed suit, wearing wigs on a daily basis when going to work or at least for attending parties in the evenings and weekends. Wig retailers and manufacturers have actually reported a considerable increase in the sales of their products within the last decade or so.

­All this may cause one to think that wigs are a fairly new trend in the beauty industry but the truth is that they have actually been around for several centuries. They may be more popular in the mainstream these days but since the 1600s, people all over the world have already been using these hairpieces, either to make a fashion statement, to make their social status known, to conform to ceremonial practices, and many other reasons.

According to historical findings, the first wigs were worn not for any of the modern purposes but to serve as protection against the extreme heat of the sun. There was a time when the Egyptians suffered from lice infestation, which led them to shave off their hair, leaving their heads exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. They fashioned wigs to protect their heads from the headaches that they were getting while working in the sun.

It didn’t take long for these early wigs to evolve into some kind of social status symbol, separating the upper from the lower class. This practice was adapted in many cultures, including the Greeks, the Phoenicians, the Assyrians and the Romans.

Eventually, wigs took on a more practical role in society. People wore them if they didn’t have time to fix their hair because of a busy routine at home. When chemotherapy was developed, patients wore wigs to conceal the baldness that was one of the side effects of the treatment.

Today, people wear wigs mostly for purposes of fashion and convenience. If you are interested in buying a wig, there are thousands of choices available today in all colors, styles, and lengths. With a little bit of patience, you will surely be able to find one that will work for whatever purpose you want to use it.

Hip Hop Clothing Styles

  • Accessories
    The rap artists usually love stay loaded with flashy jewelry and funky accessories. This includes a huge variety of things like bracelets, pendants, sunglasses and hats; this is all done to make a statement that the person he is or somehow wants to be affiliated with the popular culture with his clothing style.
  • Oversized Clothes
    It is one of the most common things in the rappers community to wear oversized clothes. They wear multiple layers of clothing and the uppers they wear are so huge that they usually cover up to half of their jeans.
  • Bright Color
    Hip Hop artists have a unique sort of a taste for bright and flashy colors. It is probably because most of the rappers and pop artists are from tropical countries like Africa or the Latin part of America and in that climate people usually prefer wearing brighter colors.
  • Tight skirts
    Women who belong to the popular culture usually wear tight skirts and short dresses. Men who are a part of this culture prefer full figure women and even in their music they often talk about and praise a woman’s assets. Such small clothes and tight skirts are made available in the market to help these women find the sort of dresses they like and look trendy whenever they want.

Classic Winter Accessories

Synthetic vs. Natural Fibers

Choices of fibers are a good place to begin. Synthetics do tend to offer a bit more affordability, but there is a serious cost. First of all you are not getting the same insulation and breathability as certain natural fibers offer. Moreover, the quality of the weave and the feel of the scarf suffer when it is just another mass-produced item lacking character and value in your mind. Soon enough such items end up as crumpled items on the bottom of drawers and donate boxes.

Today’s best scarf options show that natural fibers are being woven into many interesting unique weaves that are both practical and eye-catching. Don’t forget that some silk and wool blends offer both the warmth you are looking for and the comfort and style options to take you places you have hardly imagined for your simple scarf. Even such luxurious looks as ruffled silk scarves offer a fair amount of warmth combined with outstanding fashion benefits. In fact, for an elegant eve on the town there are sometimes no better options.

Other fiber options include recycled silk, which might be bundled into a very warm and soft scarf that tends to have the look of a thick wool version yet replaces a scratchy feeling with softness and smoothness.

Color Options: Black and White

This classic look keeps things simple and classy. Dark clothing soaks up whatever sun there is to have and the stark white scarf accents the look perfectly in a no-nonsense way. Or choose a white backdrop for a black scarf and you can get a whole different effect by similar means. Choices of fibers are up to you. Don’t forget that some silk and wool blends offer both the warmth you are looking for and the comfort and style options to take you

Vibrant Colors

An entirely different approach is to introduce the kinds of vibrant colors you wish to keep you suitably festive and chipper throughout the long winter months. Of course a bright red or green holiday scarf can easily find its place when the time is right. But you might also find places for bright blues, purples, oranges, yellows, etc. Just play around with some ideas and keep your mind away from drab conventions. Just have fun with it.

Fair Trade Scarves

On a closing note, I want to encourage you to consider the fair trade wholesale and retail options that continue to enter the clothing market. In a spirit of compassion it is easy to see the value of paying others what we would want to be paid ourselves. Fair trade handmade scarves are currently becoming a larger part of the market for wholesale scarves because they are high quality, artisan-made items with a dazzling array of fashion options. The fair trade practices integral to the production means that the workers are compensated fairly and sustainability is the focus for entire communities. Wearing such scarves simply feels better for a variety of reasons. Your own heart will tell you.

Choose Winter Coat

You winter coat isn’t just a fashion item, it must be practical too. I realise that on-trend items aren’t necessarily practical but if you’re selective; you may just got that rarity with your coat lasting for a fe
w more winters.

It may seem rather explanatory but your coat needs to keep the cold out. It’s extremely common for ‘winter’ coats to be as flimsy as a cotton vest. Your coat just has to warm, long-lasting and reliable.

When considering which to buy, you have consider every aspect including what you might wear beneath you coat, the length, the style and of course the colour. These are all factors in helping you choose the right coat for you.

The length of the coat is the first thing you need to consider when choosing your winter coat. If you are a person who tends to wear trousers, then you will get away with any coat length whereas somebody preferring to wear skirts; will not suit a long coat at all. You don’t want to feel embarrassed, choice your coat with your wardrobe in mind and you will complete an outfit. Rather than simply lumbering on a large puffy jacket ‘just because’ it’s winter.

The style of the coat is obviously very important; this needs to be chosen with your body shape in mind. An A-line is perfect for more pear-shared women; longer anorak style coats suit the fuller figure and belted are perfect for the curvier woman.

Finally, once you’ve made a decision on the style and shape you can now move onto the fun bit: colour. This completely depends on personal preferences, if you’re a more vibrant woman then bright reds, blues and greens would be great. A crisp sharp block colour will always be in style, adding a little colour to the dreary winters.