Cashmere Jumpers For Men

This depends on your fashion preference. What sort of jumper are you looking for? If you’re looking for something loud with bold patterns then you may need to search across many ranges. But if you’re after something with a subtle pattern and lots of texture, something smart and something you can wear to work with your shirt and trousers, then this will be much easier.

The quality of cashmere jumpers means that they’re durable and will last you for a long while. The secret with cashmere is that the wool actually becomes better with age, and by the time a cheaper jumper starts pilling and looking misshaped and bedraggled, a cashmere jumper will still have a look of perfection, as if it’s only a day old. How is this possible? That’s cashmere.

But pure cashmere jumpers come at a price. You pay for the quality that you deserve, and when you part with any amount of money you want to know that what you’re buying is the real thing and not a cheap knock-off being sold at the same price. And some knock-offs are hard to spot. However, when it comes to pure cashmere, there are some tell-tale signs that just can’t be hidden.

Pure cashmere is just that, a jumper made from nothing but the best quality cashmere wool. When something isn’t pure cashmere it means there is another material woven in with the cashmere, such as another wool, lamb’s wool, camel hair, synthetics. There’s no disputing that these can make some nice jumpers, and it may feel cosy and warm, but when you’re paying pure cashmere prices, you want pure cashmere. Not all people are experts in cashmere and don’t realise or understand what it is they’re looking for. So here are a few tips to help you when looking for the real thing.

The cashmere material is soft and should mould with your body whereas other materials may be stiffer and struggle with your contours. When you stretch the garment from the sides the shape should automatically spring back. If it doesn’t then that’s a clear indication that it’s not pure. Also the weave should be a close knit and theoretically, depending on the style, you shouldn’t see your hand through the stitching. Another sign are the seams. Parts like cuffs and collars are knitted into the material whereas cheaper brands have them stitched on like a piece of patchwork.

Caring For Cashmere


The trick is to actually hand-wash the cashmere in a baby shampoo (like Johnson and Johnson) or with a mild detergent (like Woolite). You will just want to make sure the detergent or shampoo is even mixed with the water before you put the sweater into it. Then just put the cashmere piece in the water and gently wash it by letting it soak for a couple of hours.


To dry just lay flat on a towel and reshape the cashmere to how you wear it. Warning here! Make sure you reshape to how you wear it exactly, because it will dry exactly how you reshape it. So if there is a wrinkle while wet it will dry with a wrinkle (so leave it as pretty as it looks on you). Now make sure while it’s drying to keep the cashmere away from windows or heat.


Now you may know, but never hang cashmere, it can cause dimples and lose shape over time. Don’t fret because we’re going to let you in on a few great tips on how to store cashmere.

To avoid lines down the middle of the sweater fold it like the stores do by folding each side inward by a third. Then you will want to smooth the arms down and fold in half. Fold in a piece of tissue paper; the paper will help prevent wrinkles. Then to make sure your cashmere sweater will last the test of time you will want to store it in a breathable sweater bag.

Treating Stains

Now this is the time you may want to get a professional in to help you out. If you do want to try treating it on your own, below are a few tips.

Immediately after something spills on you try to gently blot up the stain then use cold water and gentle stain remover. Then you want to wash the sweater as normal without extra attention to the stain.

Achieve Street-Style Fashion

Try Out Time-Tested Style Formulas

Classic looks never go out in style. With street fashion simply reflecting youth subcultures, you can easily pull off classic looks and throw in a bit of attitude to make it more convincing. One example of time-tested styles is the hippie flower power look with common pieces like denim, loose shirts, long hair and head bands. You can glam up this look with vintage pieces like sunglasses and great long hair. Another example is the punk fashion defined by Mohican hairstyle, ripped clothing, leather jackets, chains, and patches. What’s great about punk fashion is you can redefine it to match your own personality. No need to go all out with all essential punk clothing. You can simply have ripped black jeans, a leather jacket, and shirt with a slogan. You can even wear black pumps to achieve a punk meets corporate look, which seems to be a popular choice in street style these days. Other looks you can explore are greaser, preppy, gothic, skater, and hip hop style. Always try to redefine and personalize the look to represent your own identity and attitude.

Vintage Lasts Forever

If you rummage through your mom or dad’s old wardrobe, you can actually spot some great vintage pieces. While certain vintage pieces can be seasonal, you can achieve a great look with a touch of the classic. Even the 90s denim jacket now enjoys a well-received comeback in mainstream and urban fashion. Colorful blazers, shoulder pads, and printed bottoms are returning trends these days. Vintage clothing stores can get you cheap and great finds. However, even boutiques and popular clothing stores incorporate vintage designs into their new collection. But nothing shows it best like authentic vintage.

Be Up to Date

Time-tested styles and vintage pieces can help you start off with a great street-style look. However, if you want to keep up with the latest in urban fashion, follow the right websites and blogs where you can find insight into the latest fashion trends these days. Join fashion networks and learn from others. Build your own personal style by exploring new looks and trying out the latest. If you love fashion that much, learning and exploring will come out naturally.

New Balance Shoes

The first pair of running shoes was made in 1938 and to this day you can wear shoes that hold the distinction of being the only company that still manufactures shoes principally in the United States.

From cutting the fabrics that go into your shoes to quality assurance every single stitch on your shoes brings a sense of pride for workers in U.S. plants.

The goods and services come from over 38 U.S. based suppliers who employ over 5000 U.S workers and manufacturing plants within the USA are used even though the cost of production is a bit higher. Your incredible shoe result do come from dedicated workers who are expert in the art of shoe making.

This shoe company is the official footwear company for the United States Military and with a long term relationship your military shoes will always be serviceable and just the way you need them to function.

You really need to try tahe women’s road New Balance 1012. This is the ideal shoe for high-mileage runners that are seeking motion control. The combination of Stabilore medial posting and the extended web provides excellent stability and control for over pronators. Comfortable, lightweight and featuring HCPCS code for diabetics and Medicare this shoe also uses lightening dry materials that wick moisture away from your feet. 360° banding for reflectivity and you have the perfect running shoe.

With Stabilcore medial support you will find that this shoe is very comfortable from heel strike to toe-off. By using a double density collar there is forgiving thick foam against your foot for softening and stiffer density foam for support while running. Find in your shoe blown rubber forefoot for lightweight cushioning.

Every day running shoes for men must include the New Balance 770V3. Lightweight synthetic with mesh uppers that lineup up with vastly engineered midsoles featuring N-Durance, ABZORE and Stability Web offer performance and fit. This shoe provides supportive comfort that helps to shore your gait when you feel fatigued. The is the perfect running shoe.

Caring Silk Negligee

Fill a basin with cold water and a washing detergent. Allow the silk negligee to soak for a few minutes. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the material. Silk is a shiny material, and to maintain that shine, you will need a quarter of a cup of vinegar mixed in with about one litre of water. Use this mixture to rinse out the silk after having soaked it in with the detergent. Continue rinsing with a lot of water until the smell of vinegar is washed out.

When it comes to getting rid of the excess water, you should note that you should avoid wringing the material. This will damage it, as it is delicate. Instead, use two clean towels and place the silk negligee between them. Press down gently for the towels to soak up the excess water.

Hang the negligee on a hanger or rack. Avoid wood as the varnish present tends to stain on silk. Use padded hangers instead. When you want wear your silk negligee, iron it on the coolest setting. Another alternative not many people know of is to hang your negligee in the bathroom as you take a shower. The humidity will help in removing any wrinkles it may have had.

Another tip in protecting your silk negligee is to avoid using nail polish, perfumes or hair sprays before you wear it. If possible, use these substances before you wear your negligee, and allow them to dry. If any of these substances spill on your garment, they will leave a permanent stain.

Silk is best stored in cool, dark areas. This fabric is very sensitive to light, and will form discolorations if it is exposed to the sun. In addition to this, if you want to maintain the color of your negligee, you will need to avoid placing it in the sunlight because this causes it to fade. Avoid storing your negligee in plastic because silk is a material that needs to breathe. In as much as most silk negligees can be washed from home, some may require dry-cleaning. Read the instruction label on the negligee to determine whether you can hand-wash it or take it to the dry-cleaner’s.

Fashion Mirroring In European Society

Fashion divided first the rich and wealthy from the common man. It was restricted to the royal courts and families that had their say in matters of the state, the region, the city or were connected to it in one way or the other.

In the beginning of the last century fashion celebrated its entrée to the middle class and a bit later to the masses. Industrialization of the apparel industry made it possible that women of all social backgrounds could dress up with their personal choice of clothing yet within the guidelines of what was accepted and what was rejected in society and the choices they could make depended, just as today, on their budget.

Evolving fast and mirroring the moral standards, circumstances and lifestyles of the society as a whole, fashion broke free and went wild after World War Two.

Teenage fashion in Europe was heavily influenced by trends coming from America, which got it’s foothold in the market. Young men started to dress up rebellious. Leather jackets and jeans created the “Marlon Brando Look”, accompanied by a girl in high heels and slim fit pants, or a body-hugging, narrow skirt combined with a top that revealed a seducing cleavage was the top. The so called “Elizabeth Taylor” style caused for many girls a lot of trouble at home. This group was opposed by traditional dressed young men in suits, white shirts and ties. Their girls were dressed in pretty dresses, blouses and petticoats under the circular cut, full skirts. The two groups could not find much of a common ground. For the first time, fashion made visible, who is conservative and traditional and who is exploring new terrain, equipped with a restless, adventurous spirit and the desire for change.

This trend proceeded into the sixties when next to the conservative young people two additional groups appeared in Europe that could be identified by the fashion they preferred. Well dressed “Mods” in flower printed cotton shirts and velvet pants met the “Beatniks”.

The Mods, interested in the arts, fashion and trends, cultivated the rules of society as a playground for their own needs and had no interest at all in politics. This group explored their limits within the accepted borders of the society and wanted to excel in originality. Organizing happy “Happenings” they were opposed by the anti-materialistic Beatniks that organized “Sit Ins” and demonstrations.

Stimulated by the music of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and The Rolling Stones the Beatniks were representatives of the anti war movement and fought against restricting laws and for human rights. Politically active they could be identified on hand of their clothes: jeans, t-shirts and/or jumper and parkas. These items were their common uniting clothing style and valid for the female as well as male gender. This fashion in its simplicity was very much worn as others wear a uniform. Olive green and knee long, the parka with hood, was like a flag, signaling the attitude these young people had towards the society and in specifically the Vietnam War. This fashion was present when the students fought in the streets of Paris and Berlin and had not much in common with the beatnik culture in America. Denied by this group as “fashion” because fashion meant “consuming” it was nevertheless served as such to the Beatniks with pleasure. Levis was “the jeans brand” and a must have for each Beatnik that walked the streets of Europe. Fact is that Levis jeans were everything else then inexpensive then and only available in special Jeans Stores in Europe.

Groups were even more divided in 1970. Accelerating in speed fashion moved on in the 70ies and had for all new developing groups something on offer. It rather seemed that fashion was uniting all these different streams, attitudes, ethics and moral values or maybe better said: it took the edge off. The love and peace generation brought the Indian clothing style to Europe and America which turned out to be a huge resource for fashion designers, inspiring and boosting their creativity. Long skirts and dresses next to cute suede and jeans mini-skirts, floppy hats, the tunica for men and women. Bell-bottom jeans and worn out jeans enhanced with embroideries and colorful patches, this free-spirited trend left its footprints in fashion and comes back in many forms and shapes up to today.

Suede jackets in the style of American Indians with beaded décor and fringed sleeves, or embroidered blouses picked from various cultures, such as the Spanish Carmen Look, Torero pants for women and Boleros created the so called “Folklore Look” which was extremely popular in Europe. By opening up the treasure box of fashion of the world to young consumers, interest in other nations was stimulated and tolerance nourished – raising the awareness that everybody on this planet has something worthwhile to contribute and to offer and that we can share all the beauty of fashion. The Folklore Look is still coming back in cycles in a tuned down style and dresses nowadays women of all ages.

Buying a Boutique Dress Online

Frequent your Favourite Merchants

Many online boutiques specialize in certain types of attire, which is ideal if you have a particular type of boutique dress in mind. Compile a list of your preferred retailers and make a habit of stopping by their respective websites every week or so. This will give you easy access to recent additions, and let you stay informed about any current or upcoming sales.

Also, see if those websites have a newsletter, or at least a Facebook page. Both of these tools are used to boost merchant visibility in an often-competitive marketplace. Sometimes, by simply following a shop’s social media feed, or entering your e-mail in exchange for a periodic update in your inbox, you’ll be the first to know about inventory additions, style tips and even the possibility of discount codes.

Check the Return Policy

Usually, online retailers make an effort to ease the shopping and selection process, particularly when it comes to garment sizes. When you find a boutique dress that you just can’t miss, you’ll likely find that its accompanying product description includes dimensions, and may even give advice on how to measure your own body to make sure that you’re ordering the proper size.

With that in mind however, most retailers know that sometimes the outcome isn’t quite as you expected. In these cases, they frequently offer the ability to return a boutique dress, but usually enforce particular stipulations in terms of how long you’re allowed to try out the item before deciding to return it. To be on the safe side, always check those details before finalizing your purchase.

Finally, take your time. Unlike shopping trips in a traditional setting, you’re not bound to visit only during operating hours, so you can browse as long as you’d like. To help you narrow down your selections, just bookmark your favourite boutique dress possibilities to help you stay focused, or decide to splurge on a few options so you’ll always have a well-stocked closet.

Plus-Size Lingerie

A quality, plus-size bra offers maximum comfort. Ranging from sizes 32-50 in most department stores, you can choose from an underwire bra to a gorgeous molded bra. Some bras have straps that you can transform into a strapless or halter-style bra, depending on the outfit you are wearing.

In the early days, women were contented with white, dull-looking panties that look like a ship’s sail, but today, panties now come in various colors and styles. Even plus-size panties are now available in bikini briefs, hipsters, regular briefs, boyshorts, and thongs, and there are panties that have cotton crotches and decorated with laces and/or ribbons. You can choose from sizes 18-26 in department stores and 32-36 when you make a purchase online.

Despite being on the plus side, there are women who still want to feel sexy, and luckily, these women can now purchase plus-size garter belts, corsets, and bustiers. Most shops have sizes of up to 44, although much bigger sizes are available in online lingerie shops. You can choose from corsets that have a steel boning or plastic or without boning – it’s your call! Bustiers, on the other hand, have an array of colors and are made of satin and silk and decorated with lovely ribbons and lace. Fishnet stockings, lacy garter belts, and silky hosiery are likewise available in plus sizes.

Online lingerie shops have more items to offer, so you may want to check them out. This is because they do not have an actual store that is sometimes limited to space, and this is the reason why shop owners are not able to display a wide range of items. Furthermore, online shops give you the convenience of purchasing what you want without the need to drive somewhere else – everything is just a mouse click away! You do not have to go to an overcrowded mall and look through each rack, only to find out that the item is not available on your preferred size. Additionally, you will no longer have to experience chasing a saleslady to go to the stock room and see if they have the item with a size of 36F or 34DD.

Organic Clothing


  • Very few people have allergies to cotton
  • Cotton can keep people cool in the heat and warm in the cold
  • The breathable nature of cotton can keep odor causing bacteria from forming on the skin


  • Silk acts as an anti-aging resource, after spending a night in silk pajamas and/or on silk sheets a person will wake up with less creases on skin
  • Silk can work as an anti-fungal agent
  • Dry skin benefits from silk in that silk helps to moisturize which those wearing organic women’s clothing will appreciate


  • Linen has antibacterial properties and is the material that hospitals use to keep the atmosphere healthy
  • Static electricity may not seem like a big deal but linen does not accumulate it, therefore saving linen wearers from the annoying occasional zap
  • Linen is resistant to dirt and helps keep those wearing it clean, therefore, cutting down on the amount of pollution that hits the skin

Helping the Earth

So many people go on and on about preserving the earth and not over using our precious resources. How many of those people do you think are wearing petroleum based clothing? Cotton, silk, and linen are all biodegradable in addition to making great material for organic women’s clothing. Once someone is done wearing an article of clothing made of organic material, the discarded outfit won’t add much to pollution. Also, clothing made of organic material lasts longer, which means that instead of getting thrown away the clothing gets worn longer creating less waste. Beyond what used organic material preserves, the resources that make cotton, silk, and linen are easily renewable.

Save Money At Factory Outlets

By shopping from such, one is able to save large sums of money. While this is the case, there are a couple of ways through which to capitalize on this and ensure that this need is met. For starters, a variety of reasons could lead to products being sent to factory stores or shops. They could be out of season or a production line could be interested in launching new products by getting rid old ones. It is important to note that in most instances, there is nothing wrong with the products but they will be sold at a fraction of the total price.

Also, with these, it is important to note that at any given time, there are several stores, which are located close together. This means that one can move from one to the other and this increases the chances of finding exactly what one is looking for. More importantly, they are known to get new goods every so often and as such, by checking back often, one is placed at the vantage of getting great deals.

There are instances when factory outlets have clearance sales or products offer at discounts and this gives shoppers the opportunity to save as well. In addition to this, it is important to note that there are others that are largely known to offer coupons and these also aid in ensuring that one saves a substantial amount of money as well. However, while this is the case, it is advisable to be a savvy shopper. Simply because a shop falls in the category of factory outlets does not mean that they offer cheap prices.