Camo Pants


Popularity of camo pants continued to grow through to the rebellion period in the ’90s when thousands of Punk girls and boys used this garment as a trademark. By the year 2000, camouflage pants were no longer associated with demonstrations and rebellions, but mutated into a must-have accessory, which stormed into the fashion industry with a vengeance. Even though Khaki pants were already in the market, the heightened need for tougher and fancier pants among the youth saw promotion of camouflage pants as an alternative fashion accessory. Nowadays, they are attainable in an array of designs, prints, and color patterns that can suit various interests.

In earlier years, women who wanted to explore the outdoors using camo pants had to buy smaller men sizes because of limited female versions. However, with advent of female fashion, many stores now have an expansive line of women camo pants that can suit various body shapes, sizes, and environments. For instance, with a bit of research, you can easily find racing pants, zip off pants, lounge pants, and many other designs


Factory Outlet Shopping

Outlet malls are a collection of several different outlet stores. They are often located on the outskirts of a larger metropolitan area where the land is plentiful and less expensive. The malls usually have some large “anchor” stores like you would find in a regular mall and a collection of other smaller retail outlet stores along with some fast food restaurants. You can usually find factory outlet stores offering clothing, shoes, and other smaller household items at outlet malls. If you want a wide selection of products without having to travel far from store to store, a factory outlet mall is a great choice for you.

A factory outlet store in a free-standing building is not as common as those found in outlet malls, but they offer equally good pricing. A common type of free-standing outlet is a furniture outlet. Often these types of outlets offer furniture from several different manufacturers although you can find some that offer a single manufacturer’s products. Sometimes the furniture offered at a factory outlet is of the “scratch and dent” variety. This


Types of Tops for Women

When buying a women’s top you should make sure that you choose the right style and size that can highlight your assets and take people’s attention away from the less attractive areas. Another important factor that you must consider when buying tops is the body figure. If you are skinny then make sure you buy tops that make you look fuller, and if you are on the heavier side, avoid tops that make you look fatter.

We have compiled some of the common types and varieties of women’s tops available in the market. When purchasing the tops, make sure you take into account the body type, features, and other aspects of the personality etc, to determine which one will look best on you. Some of the common types of women’s tops are tunics, camisoles, sweaters, empires, and blouses. The main differences lie in the length of sleeves, necklines, collar types, and cut.

  • Sleeve length of the tops: The length of the sleeves is an important factor that impacts the overall look of the women’s tops. The sleeves of blouses,

Styles For Men Of All Ages

No matter what time of the year it is, you should be able to lay your hands on a pair of dark wash denim jeans. One of the most flexible items of clothing around, these are ideal for all kinds of social and business occasions, meaning you should never be without a pair. If you’re looking for styles that won’t be out of fashion, choose a straight or gently boot cut. Other shapes will come and go but, due to their flattering properties, these are two that will stick around for good.

All men should also consider adding a brown or beige trench coat to their repertoire. Guaranteed to never go out of style, these epitomise glamour without being over the top and ostentatious. A good quality trench will last you for years and will go well with everything from smart suits to more relaxed combinations of jeans and jumpers. It’s worth investing in a smart pair of leather gloves to go with it. Keep a tight hold of classic leather gloves and you won’t need another pair for years and years to come.

Buy one pair of wing tip brogues, one sturdy pair of work

Wearing Men’s Designer Clothing

It’s more than just a status symbol

Clothes can be empowering. For example, you usually associate a white lab gown with doctors and would instantly trust somebody wearing it. Uniforms also have the same effect. In fact, if you see somebody in a police uniform, you would expect him to behave in a certain manner. Plus, clothes can help you become more confident as well. A New York Times article delved into this phenomenon. The article cited Dr. Adam Galinsky who explained that this is because people often experience “embodied cognition” in that we think with our brains as well as our bodies. In short, we tend to associate our physical experiences with abstract concepts and this affects how we think.

The researchers pointed out that putting on certain types of clothes can help you be more ready to take on a role and can help you enhance your basic abilities. A different study asked 74 students to wear a doctor’s coat or a painter’s coat, and it found that the group wearing the doctor’s coat exhibited heightened attention than other groups.

So the next time you hear that men’s designer clothes make you more confident and

Guide To The Pocket Square

Many may consider it to be too excessive or are too shy and therefore do not want to attract further attention to themselves. Whereas, in fact the pocket square can help demonstrate confidence and personal style. Choosing a specific colour that best matches your suit and tie. Showing others that you take appreciation in the way you look. First impressions matter and that is why every little detail can make the difference.

Many will also presume the circumstances will only be within a formal environment, of which they are not likely to experience and when they do the common option is to borrow one. In this scenario, this not only shows lack of preparation and unwillingness to keep up with trends and styles. Whilst increasing the chances of wearing something that simply does not match.

So let’s view the simple events and occasions where a pocket square can be worn. Firstly, any formal event whether this is a business meeting to a social gathering a pocket square should be considered essential. As much as the jacket and trousers.

Even, when dressing down with a t-shirt under the suit a pocket handkerchief still works, whether you

History of Lace Front Wigs

Because of the rampant use of wigs in the entertainment industry, many ordinary people have already followed suit, wearing wigs on a daily basis when going to work or at least for attending parties in the evenings and weekends. Wig retailers and manufacturers have actually reported a considerable increase in the sales of their products within the last decade or so.

­All this may cause one to think that wigs are a fairly new trend in the beauty industry but the truth is that they have actually been around for several centuries. They may be more popular in the mainstream these days but since the 1600s, people all over the world have already been using these hairpieces, either to make a fashion statement, to make their social status known, to conform to ceremonial practices, and many other reasons.

According to historical findings, the first wigs were worn not for any of the modern purposes but to serve as protection against the extreme heat of the sun. There was a time when the Egyptians suffered from lice infestation, which led them to shave off their hair, leaving their heads exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.

Hip Hop Clothing Styles

  • Accessories
    The rap artists usually love stay loaded with flashy jewelry and funky accessories. This includes a huge variety of things like bracelets, pendants, sunglasses and hats; this is all done to make a statement that the person he is or somehow wants to be affiliated with the popular culture with his clothing style.
  • Oversized Clothes
    It is one of the most common things in the rappers community to wear oversized clothes. They wear multiple layers of clothing and the uppers they wear are so huge that they usually cover up to half of their jeans.
  • Bright Color
    Hip Hop artists have a unique sort of a taste for bright and flashy colors. It is probably because most of the rappers and pop artists are from tropical countries like Africa or the Latin part of America and in that climate people usually prefer wearing brighter colors.
  • Tight skirts
    Women who belong to the popular culture usually wear tight skirts and short dresses. Men who are a part of this culture prefer full figure women and even in their music they often talk about and praise a woman’s assets. Such small clothes and tight skirts are

Classic Winter Accessories

Synthetic vs. Natural Fibers

Choices of fibers are a good place to begin. Synthetics do tend to offer a bit more affordability, but there is a serious cost. First of all you are not getting the same insulation and breathability as certain natural fibers offer. Moreover, the quality of the weave and the feel of the scarf suffer when it is just another mass-produced item lacking character and value in your mind. Soon enough such items end up as crumpled items on the bottom of drawers and donate boxes.

Today’s best scarf options show that natural fibers are being woven into many interesting unique weaves that are both practical and eye-catching. Don’t forget that some silk and wool blends offer both the warmth you are looking for and the comfort and style options to take you places you have hardly imagined for your simple scarf. Even such luxurious looks as ruffled silk scarves offer a fair amount of warmth combined with outstanding fashion benefits. In fact, for an elegant eve on the town there are sometimes no better options.

Other fiber options include recycled silk, which might be bundled into a very warm and soft

Choose Winter Coat

You winter coat isn’t just a fashion item, it must be practical too. I realise that on-trend items aren’t necessarily practical but if you’re selective; you may just got that rarity with your coat lasting for a fe
w more winters.

It may seem rather explanatory but your coat needs to keep the cold out. It’s extremely common for ‘winter’ coats to be as flimsy as a cotton vest. Your coat just has to warm, long-lasting and reliable.

When considering which to buy, you have consider every aspect including what you might wear beneath you coat, the length, the style and of course the colour. These are all factors in helping you choose the right coat for you.

The length of the coat is the first thing you need to consider when choosing your winter coat. If you are a person who tends to wear trousers, then you will get away with any coat length whereas somebody preferring to wear skirts; will not suit a long coat at all. You don’t want to feel embarrassed, choice your coat with your wardrobe in mind and you will complete an outfit. Rather than simply lumbering on a

Learning Embroidery Online

For starters, embroidery involves making designs on a piece of cloth by sewing. For instance, you can your embroidery skills to decorate a piece of cloth by putting some decorative flowers on it. If you are really interested in embroidery, you need to be patient and attentive. You also need to have an effective computer and reliable internet connection. There are many benefits of learning embroidery online. For instance, it will help you cut back the cost of enrolling in a school where you will be charged according to the number of classes you attend. You will also reduce the cost of travelling from home to school and vice versa. Online training enables you to access the information you need from the comfort of your house. You won’t have to move around looking for schools to enroll in. This allows you to continue with your studies without disrupting your normal schedule. Actually, many students prefer online training because it gives them enough time to concentrate on other equally important matters. In short, online training makes learning more convenient and easy. But for you to enjoy these benefits you have to choose the best online site for your training.

Cashmere Jumpers For Men

This depends on your fashion preference. What sort of jumper are you looking for? If you’re looking for something loud with bold patterns then you may need to search across many ranges. But if you’re after something with a subtle pattern and lots of texture, something smart and something you can wear to work with your shirt and trousers, then this will be much easier.

The quality of cashmere jumpers means that they’re durable and will last you for a long while. The secret with cashmere is that the wool actually becomes better with age, and by the time a cheaper jumper starts pilling and looking misshaped and bedraggled, a cashmere jumper will still have a look of perfection, as if it’s only a day old. How is this possible? That’s cashmere.

But pure cashmere jumpers come at a price. You pay for the quality that you deserve, and when you part with any amount of money you want to know that what you’re buying is the real thing and not a cheap knock-off being sold at the same price. And some knock-offs are hard to spot. However, when it comes to pure cashmere, there are

Caring For Cashmere


The trick is to actually hand-wash the cashmere in a baby shampoo (like Johnson and Johnson) or with a mild detergent (like Woolite). You will just want to make sure the detergent or shampoo is even mixed with the water before you put the sweater into it. Then just put the cashmere piece in the water and gently wash it by letting it soak for a couple of hours.


To dry just lay flat on a towel and reshape the cashmere to how you wear it. Warning here! Make sure you reshape to how you wear it exactly, because it will dry exactly how you reshape it. So if there is a wrinkle while wet it will dry with a wrinkle (so leave it as pretty as it looks on you). Now make sure while it’s drying to keep the cashmere away from windows or heat.


Now you may know, but never hang cashmere, it can cause dimples and lose shape over time. Don’t fret because we’re going to let you in on a few great tips on how to store cashmere.

To avoid lines down the middle of